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Just watched a TV special on wing suit jumping. BLOWS MY MIND.
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I'm always in awe of these humans! I'm a BIG fan of Jt Holmes :) Great post!
Jeb's vid w/"sail" is my top 1 still. "Grinding the crack"
Incredible! I just wish I could do that one time in my life.
"Bucket List" A list of things you want to do before you kick the 'bucket' - ie: Drop Dead.
fly like a bird yeehaa amazing ????
I used to dream about this, some years ago, when I see it in a movie, it looks so perfect, so peace full and at the same time, so full of adrenaline!
They look like bright red flying squirrels...
Possibilities unlimited enough said!
It would make me feel a little better if it actually showed a few landing.
looks like fun,just bring an extra set of testys..hahahahah
you are very cool,
“At the beginning of wing-suit base-jumping we were trying to get as far from the wall as possible … and now it's getting boring so we play around.” Yeah, I hate it when my wing-suit base-jumping gets boring.
I seen the same show. The guy is mad crazy!!
he is so very shocking i don't think any one could do that.
fantastic, this blows my mind too
I would love to do that, but how much training you should do first.
Amazing experience.
كم اتمنى لو تتاح لي الفرصة واطير ، لكن كم تحتاج من التمارين لتسطيع ان تقفز مثل هذه القفزة.
لا بد انها تجربة من خيال ...
thats is soooooooooo cool someday i mite do that
Oh... Thrilling...not sso.....dfheegdegh....he he
that was totally awesome (ok I know really 80s 'tude but hey) I wonder if anyone has thought of getting that guy and his jet-powered personal wing and these guys together?
I must do that before I die....or maybe when I want to die....
its incredible.... these Guys are amazing. i wish to join these Guys...
looks like they could crash any moments!!! Crazily BRAVE dudes! hahaha
Hurt breaking....Stunt.........
Fascynujące, piękne i tylko dla odważnych;)
So coollllllllllllllllllll
wow..........what a nice view......
wow thats great, i wanna toooo....
really blows my mind
This is super extreme, eagle like planing. Hope someday I will have means and balls for that. Hope they'll grow up during my lifetime. :-D
Whats your thoughts on Corliss ???
Looks like fun, but I'd like to see the landing a little more clearly... :) My sugargliders seem to make it look easy enough! ;)
"The content owner has not made this video available on mobile" ಠ_ಠ
wow, real cool, but how much do you pay for all the broken skies?
I wish i can ask these guys what are their fears in life?
its so cool, but i will never do it
Sorry to say , I saw one of these guys hit the wall on his flight down the mountain and spent some time in the hospital .
Wing suits are nuts. These dudes are actually flying. Terrifying and amazing at the same time.
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