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I didnt' make this nor do I know who did, but I love it...
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that is such a cool looking camera, so talented who ever had done that
He Leos
Lol, nice artwork:-)))))
I so hope that gets turned into a pinhole camera!
it's amazing, but it doesn't look all that real to me... probably photo-shopped. that's just me though... Its very creative and very cool! Awesome!!! :)
LUV IT! that is so neat! but i would have to agree with Maya, photo shopped.
It is differently real....I got a plane made out of cans in Mexico when i was little, extremely well crafted, they dont use any fasteners or wire, just tabs and slits in the cans themselves.
creative and cool :) please comment on my pics
Great idea for recycling those tin cans. =)
wow i would love to have one of those
Smooth .. As long as it's coke .. I like it
I wonder how long it took to make it probably a long time im guessing
e delle Nazioni Unite nuovo modello di macchina fotografica by coca cola , speriamo che non faccia foto liquide ... " modello sperimentale " ...!!!!
I knew someone that made planes and trains outta those. Whey were pretty cool.
Gives a whole new feel to have a Coke and a Smile :-)
Wow, i want that, cause i love coca cola!
Super cool I love it!!!!!!!!!!!
Can I have it?????
Sweet! Where did u get it?
Things flash better with coke?
for once something cool
I know a guy in my town that do a lot of stuff with coca cola and beer cans. Nothing is glued, everything is attached with the aluminum of the can somehow.
When I lost the cap on the front of the lens, I did substitute by aluminum cans of Coca-Cola.
It was just size!
read the post!!!!!! he dosent know
That shows great creativities and really shows a real love for art!!!!
wow that is fan fucking tasitix an i really love it tooo.........
Is that crop sensor or full frame camera?
Here I am drinking some Coca-Cola and on the computer. I scroll down and what do I drink on a camera is that awesomeness or what!?
that IS cool! i love ppl who think of sh*t like this..wish i was that creative!
that's awesome luv it:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)
i love that so so much love to have it i will have to tell my friend
thats sick where did u find it?
not bad....
one, please... :)
I saw many of these coke canned objects in Thailand. People are talented and work with whatever is available.
sooo cool.... they should do that 4 stuff like cellphones...
omg that is so cool they should so make them in to cellphones
That person has a lot of free time.
This gives garbage art a whole new meaning = )
Is that some kind of home made bong? (just kidding, it's an old 35 mm camera.)
Now THAT'S what I call great recycling imagination! Bravo! I LOVE this! :D ♥
₪₪₪that‘sssssssss cooooooolllllll

That's so cool I wonder how you make that
i saw these last week in cuba and the have a shutter button on it and when you flick the shutter the lens opens up just like a jack-in-the-box
now that's a great piece of art :)
now that's a great piece of artwork
I gave up soda for Lent, this is NOT helping! ;)
do u pop the end of the can to take a picture??????????????????
i love it it looks awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)(:
Nice creativity
thnx everybody for all these complements
Thats awsome ive seen guys that also do some crazy stuff out of Doritos chip wraps for ex like a purse ! Among many other cool stuff

WOW.. but i only use coke to drink :D
Hah! I that looks cool. I'd want that, I'd love to use that and pretend it works, I'll make sure there are people who with DSLRs around me too.
very nice.......................
it's a nice camera just a click n get pic wow i like it
Pfft, that's all you got? I built my house out of extension cords, rolls of carpet, and crayons. Sure it's cold in the winter but it sure does make a statement on my block.
cool...I want that! when there have real...
The forgot to open the lens!
what a creative idea mate using pop cans to do are instead of recycling use it for art
I like That Every thing But is good.
its quite a looker i cant take my eyes of it its too cute
ya has come out naturally..........and fine...........
wat a camera............. tyt man..... :)
The only thing better was if it worked!
Jamas pense k se podrian hacer tantas cosas con una simple cocacola..... BEFFA, te quieroooo [lo mejor, x ssempree]
You can pick those up all over Cuba - even made of Coke cans. They're not cameras - just trinkets.
una camara de cocacola las exo tu o es del portatil eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee no mientas ke si no veras tu
Nice bro m also lve it:)
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