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this lens is just insanely wide.
Don't often see the lens hold the camera up...
Worth every penny. I mean, it's not like anyone can do anything else useful with $160,000, right!? Wait a second...
OMG...F3...I have one
whuuuaaaa, what a big lens you've got....
muuuaaahh what is this? An aliens lens? ;-)
That's not a fisheye. That's one of those elusive giant squid eye.
mi posti una foto realizzata con questa ottica, grazie
This is a circular fish eye, it has very limited application, its great for photographing your feet though.
I would be happy with one like that
it's big... and I thought my Mamiya Fisheye was a monster...
lol but this is somthng ..........
the delusion of iphone owners knows no bounds...

... correction, some iphone owners.
Ha, +Alexander Kesselaar I wouldn't say I was anything other than a happy snapper that occasionally gets lucky, it's thanks to G+ (and in no small part +Tom Anderson and +Trey Ratcliff ) that my interest in photography has recently been revived.

but I know nonsense when I read it :-)

Can anyone explain what it is that makes this lens soooo special, I kinda understand but can't articulate it.
nice, perfect for street photography, because it's so small and handy, wouldn't attract any attention...
I thought this was a cuff link.
For a large diameter fish eye like that, you would be looking at $3-$5000. The F3 was a great SLR. I used to have an FM2 with an MD12 motor drive, but lusted for an F3. I love the built to last mechanical quality and simplicity of the old, pre-digital Nikons.
is that fishy lense?!!! thats cool anyway
Hope for your sake it's bayonet fitting, not screw. You'd be exhausted by the time you were ready to shoot!
T nevideli ho foto takovy slvasny jak dělát obraz fotky. Já chci videt jak hotovy fotak. Chci videt obraz z fotak.
More lens than camera. Whale eye lens?
LOL! Yeah miss NOTHING! And then next... the iPhone attachment. ROFL!
i would want it to be an extension to my eyes
It is currently for sale for £100,000, or roughly $161,210. I'll take two.
Wow... How does that lens work? I mean what would the picture look like?
this is a alltimate side for the chatting, so harry up guys
What the ******* is that lens doing in this picture
Wow! I would like to take a closeup macro shot with it
ahhh...... gud camera in town
I'd like to see photo shot using that lens :) Send me if u can. My acount is 
囧,strange lens
GO ON 囧,but it is cool for Photography
xi khan
if u took that on holiday, u'll have no room for anything else in your suitcase!
Wow! That thing is huge! I'd love to see someone post up some actual good photos taken with that lens.

Certainly cool and different but how practical is it really?
Looks like alien lens is FINALLY out in the market
I would love to see a picture from this lens. I need one!!! 
that is the dumbest looking camera ever
Ha, my god you'd be able to take pictures of peoples thoughts with that thing
It's like a giant fish eye. Looking forward to seeing your photos.
"Dave...what are you doing, Dave?"
the clearest lense.......i gusss:D
What can we do by big lens?
For example. Imaging beyond the nature ?!!
Open the pod bay doors, HAL!
Im sure I could write off this expense at work =P
Karen D
What is this used for?
guyz what is the main use of this., is it a spy cam or?
I wonder if that size lense could take picures of the craters on the moon and perhaps the remains of the Apollo landings?
You're damn right it's a fish-eye...

The biggest, god-damned fish-eye ever.
not #big enough I thought :))) Some warming up before you take it for a shot?
Fish-eye? Looks more like Godzilla-eye to me.
Jeez. What does it do to your pictures?
million miles awas -_-
up close -_________________________________________________________-
And it will work just fine on your D800
Something is blocking the viewfinder..
Wait for Lee to make a filter holder and filters for that behemoth :(
And the measure-bators are drooling
why so big but its cool if i had 1 of those
I could only dream of such lens years ago. Today I have no need of such lens. In the early days we used a rotating wide angle. Those things were heavy; but that is all we had.
HAL? Open the pod bay doors, HAL.
When you show me your first photos
I would prefer it on an F2AS. Don't like the viewfinder on F3s. :)
look very familiar to a part of woman, body .. am i only one that notices that.. :)
I think you could us it as a frisbee if you are not going to use it on that particular day!
my dad would go mad for a camera like tht
nice, does this get the camera operator into the shot
I really wanted to see a pic taken with that lens but only found pics of the lens =/
wow that's really nice how much does it run?
Do they make one for canon ?
What is that thing on the back of that fruit bowl?
Look at the size of that focus ring!! ;)
. . . . Yes but where do you put the batteries? . . . .
What in creation is THAT THING? Looks like 180 degree photo lense. Am I close like it would show the sky line in front, both sides and behind you. This is a real strange looking device.
wtf! someone wanna shot Pluto from the earth XD
looks like a shops security camera lol
This is just amazing!! - what next, 360 degree fish eye?
Wow,are you sure about that.....Do you really want to do that to your self ?
i cant see =/, oops nvm i was zoomed in 500X
How r ppl supposed to use that?! Its absalutely massive!
Vee A
Is this the lens from a Drone or something?
+Troy Aeler you don't use, you just pay lot's of money for it and then pull it behind you in a little red wagon to impress your friends, lol.
Because he needs to overcompensate for something else.
Man, I could take so many shitty pictures with that!
that is i first time look....
this ened up on pinterest I saw it there and pinnned it
its really reallyy strange but look nice.......
I think I Might Need To Be American...
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