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Unbelievable time-lapse video showing the pregnancy process...

via +PetaPixel
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Really well done, I wanted to do something similar but I have a 'no photography' wife :)
Guys, just to clarify, I had nothing to do with this video. I just like it. :)
That was really cool!
if she doesn't pick up some of the rubbish on the floor she will trip over while carrying the baby. Try to find some time for basic housework.
jim kim
Wow ~ Wonderful !!
what a fantastic memento to keep.
Love how he kissed her belly and * poof * there was a baby. LOL.
Awesome~ my body felt thrilled. it's fantastic
ch en
wow wow wow!!!
Thanks for sharing that +Jeremy Cowart it's nice to see such beautiful things like the joy of bringing life into this world instead of some of the crap that often plagues the interweb.
Brilliant work ! Good luck to the 3 of you !
man those clothes must smell!
Rose T
Fantastic.. what a great way to celebrate life. Brilliant! :)
It was so good, but in real life it was so bad
most beautiful way to be , sacred journey shared thank you im soon a grandma so i have seen the ulterasound you shared a heart soul thank you daughter is only 12 weeks but still angel heart..we are so excited
I do not believe it aut it is.
its very beautifull dude.... see how sweet the baby

Not sure why this is unbelievable, but okay. It was entertaining.
awww she will love it when she is make these movies, I watch them then I think, why didnt i do something like that lol
Realy bueatiful i wish i could be there
beautiful can u teach me this time-laspe technik, am expecting my baby soon
i don't know what to say.. remembered how my son birth.. hi's the better man on all of the world!..
Very cute. Wish yous 3 all the best... congratulations for the baby and on the project.
Welcome, Amelie! Now, mom, it's time to wash those clothes you wore for 9 months straight :-)
WOW that was really clever. Good idea..
Always liked these. This one was extra cute!
wish things were that easy!a baby dressed up only by kissing &blowing into his mama s belly!!!! u really made my day.thanks!!
pure delight - thanks
Many blessings and every happiness, Amelie Amaya. May you be as creative and loving as your Mom and Dad! My best to you all.
it's unique video...:)
Congratulations and what a great memory. Excellent!
totally inspiring for my stop motion class.. cant say more... nicely executed.. truly awesome..
kewl...been apart of this process 3x now and I have never seen it go that fast lol
Brilliant! Very nice work
That was so cool! Now... TWINS? Please :)
Very awesome...wish i had thought to do this with my wife right now. 13 weeks along!
Your home is a mess. Clean it up before the baby eats a shoe.
Awwww!!!! Made me cry! Congratulations.
L Derby
Woooowwww that was beautiful
It's very meaningful to record the birth of a life.
You really have to admire the patience of this couple. Mum's positioning from one photo sessions to the next is perfect.
They still don't get that it's not you. You just posted a video that you liked. Hahaha congratulations anyway Lol great find 
What a cute and inspirational project. Kudos on the commitment and flawless execution. They have a beautiful little girl to cap it off which is the best reward. 
Wonderful. Congrats to them .
must be very long project... god bless u all...
hey!!! that was really weird what was the purpuse of that???
Very beautiful.... A life (reaction) ... generated out of an Intent (Karma) - Congratulations... - - First Globezen.
Beliefs, Love and Respect
John H
cool find Jeremy thanks for sharing :)
When hipster doofuses get a camera.
go to youtube and search kony 2012 its the one with the earth on it
That's amazing, great video. :P
What a wonderful and creative video for your baby !
you gone to have hailthty 7 tuplets may you have the pice of mind to handle all 7 littles girls because they are gone to look like you and behave like their daddy did when he was a little boy! may god bless you with the 7 little girls of your life!
I did a pregnancy video of my wife with a cut to having the child in her hands, but man, this is really nice :)
Cleaner than my house!
We get it. Your belly gets fat. Big deal.
Derek Thompson, you are idiot.
nice video....really,really cool
Damn now i want to get pregnant just to make a likely video
lian xu
absolute lovely 
Thanks for sharing, as a father of 4 i wish we could have had something like this for our brood, this actually brightened my morning, and ignore the ignorant haters, this is something to behold, many blessings to the family.
Damn, I just missed it. my dearest is now 7 month pregnant.anyway pray for the way liked the video much.
Thought the baby would also grow old and get pregnant.
I find this post worth asking +Making Of to share it. Idea, subject and the way it is made seem to be professional.
oh how lovely...Great Job can I share it plz??
That takes commitment ... Then again so does having a child ..
Very cool, thanks for posting.
Ne lida
Thank you for that beautiful journey! Live Long and Prosper little one...
Wonderful. A great keepsake for her. 
i like how the play button is pointing to her belly hahaha :)
That is soooooooooooooooo cooooooooooooooooooooollllllllllll
Camera obvious trick!! Indeed unbelievable!!
that was cool, how about up close ageing?
That was very beautiful
You still have not clean your house. Put the shoes away before someone trips and kill themselfs
If someone is killing [him]self because of tripping over shoes, cleanliness is the least of [his] worries.
Cute idea but I think I found the comments more entertaining than the video. ;]
I guess I am the only person that found the video to be kinda creepy...
Neat idea but I guess I'm missing the"unbelievable" element
in high school a bunch of us used to make animated and time lapse movies. same era as Spielberg across town. we mounted a camera on the dash and drove from Phoenix to Flagstaff, clicking a frame every 10 seconds for about 2 hrs. We called it 'Phx to Flag in a Jiffy'. i once calculated the speed at about 1500 mph (if i remember correctly) -only one car passed us!
Absolutely fantastic, the miracle of bringing another life into the world. Welcome Amelie !!
This video, and the sims 3...will be how I explain where babies come from to my toddler. Beautiful work. Thanks for sharing!
cangratulations on the baby and already he or she looks adoreable cute this is so sweet! :')
Warning. Do not watch this while drinking. Trippy!
omg! what a cute baby! and an ADORABLE name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Such a Wonder! All joy and peace and happiness to you beautiful humans!
awwww thats so cute n thts veyr cool how u thot of tht hahaha! ;P
it was a really cool video and also cute :-)
I think that was sweet and cute!!!!! So will we see that beautiful child grow up? please tell her HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!
Zen Hok
lol the dad kiss her stomach then the stochmach pop then the baby out..
ow that is so cute I wish babies were born magically like that!!
Axel k
This is a mix of something that cannot be explained and to a child just plain bizzareness. But to a mature one the beauty is shown of something extrodinary happening everyday in this world.
This is awesome. So beautiful. Your both did great. Your time is greatly appreciated...
that was great!... love how the story builds. Beautiful. thank you for sharing.
Cute video, congrats on your new baby!
Cool video. Inspire me to make a time lapse video someday too. Congrats!
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