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I have no idea who created this image. But good grief, it's powerful.
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Wow. would be nice to know where this pic comes from !
Agreed, you never know what you build into a child's life with words...
This image breaks my heart. . . I want so badly to tell this little guy that he's absolutely perfect, just as he is. got that right...powerful, indeed!
Oh, this brings up hurts from the past... words are very powerful indeed, and this image is worth more than 1000.
Wow, hits home as a father, I don't even want to look at this picture
I agree with Adrian - I don't want to look at this picture either. Very powerful for mothers too.
So, we see this Facebook post from my former pastor that his nephew, in high school, took his own life -- left a note about Bullies. This one kind of jarred me on levels. Great share.
And yes. a very powerful image, indeed.
The moment i see a picture and I instantly wish I could somehow forget it, it has touched me. This is one of these images. Very powerful. No way I will lecture my kids tonight, but offer cuddles instead.
wow amazing emotion in that
one of the strongest images I have ever seen.
Really, childs are most affected by ur words.......
Sure.. the photographer pretends to be a big philanthropist but how did he get the kid to cry for that shot, huh?
Word hurts more than a punch. Good poster and right to the point
+Jordon Scott : My kids look like the world came to an end when I tell them they can't have ice cream after dinner. To create an image like this, you don't have to do what the campaign promotes. However it's done, it's message is clear and powerful.
this pic needs no caption it talks about it's own!!!
Why is everyone so concerned with everyone else's kids? Just raise your own the best way you know how.
you raise your kids better by helping others with theirs. if people feel they want to intrude by giving a helping hand, let them!
… this image and some of your comments raise a good point: At what point do you / should you step up and do something if it's not your own child. I photograph a lot of children, and in some rare cases something doesn't feel right. I hear parents talk to their child in a way I disagree with, and I do my part in the studio to change the situation, give the kids a job (hand them the light meter and have them check if the flashes still work), or have them help me change the scenery, backdrop, or just play with them. Small things can calm the kids and their parents down, but what happens once they leave is out of my reach.

On a more general note I think what Jeremy reminds us is the unbelievable power that images can have.
pain is always painful but show it with another notice or thoughts are very cheap and disgusted.
Expression of silence is powerful and it needn't to be wise.
+abbigail smith wait what? One of the the rudest thing you can do in life is tell someone how to raise their kids. Bottom line, it's theirs. WTF?!?!

If people want to intrude put them in their absolutely none of their business.
awesome thought need to get aware people regarding this matter ..
Tush M
nice pic.....
Tush M
bache bhagvan ka rup hote hai yar ............
Why does everyone think that everyone else is mistreating their children? OMG, mind your own business. I have an idea, adopt a couple kids to give them a better future...and head all the advice you are giving here.
Pictures always say more than words!!!!
honestly i helpd raise 5 so i can agree with Arnado its touchy business... but i will say this in respect to all u mothers out there words do hurt, and IF you want help, ITS OUT THERE just ask ok. So there
I have never ever seen such a Identical Pic.... Whoever has created this, I salute to his / her sense of ART....

with words, we can hypnotize and mesmerize. words having the power to make the sky in our hand
Don't make them cry, bright future
the bullet that triggered = word we said, which can't taken back
so care full with both.....
WOW, haven't seen an image that powerful in awhile, thank you for that! I think children remind us more just how important words and tone are.
head is bigger than body, proportions are broken.
Words have power, but we should be more powerful than that to be able to ignore useless and pointless ones and keep going and continuing our path.
Sof K
very emotional pic. its shows how hurtful some words can be. sometimes u don't realise u r hurting someone instead u think its fun. the message of the pic is clear, think before u say it.
yep, so true, my daughter has been scarred by derogatory things that my late wife had said to her when she was young. I didn't realize they were so hurtful to the girl. I just found out about it in a talk with the younger daughter recently. So when I see older daughter again (she lives in Seattle and I don't) I'll be sure to try to set things straight.
Amazing Image and Graphics, this is such an emotional picture and statement. I am very moved. Who ever did this great job.
Allyn E
nice art! photoshop
indeed powerful impact.......
he mandeep hello how are you your profil pic. so cuit.
it's teech more lessons.......i am agree......
To me it looks like a Jill Greenberg image although not sure if this one is hers. She's been copied by many. Cheers +Jeremy Cowart
well described on the exploitation on chihdren.... Please save them from the devil's act
i want to plus1 this a thousand times...
so true your words can make you happy but it can also hurt you if only one realise the true meaning what you say and the way you act says a lot
Very true. Words can hurt a lot longer than physical violence. This is a powerful and clever image.
i have eraser to erase this dam hand but its not erasable
words r very powerful.
it wrenches d heart and the message,hopefully someone gets it.
taste your words before spitting them out
Lex Rex
Yep as the saying goes, "Stick and stones may break my bones but words will psychologically scar me."
sick!! bolejshtina, jadno dete, ko zna kakva prica je u pitanju!
it is powerful to the point of being scary - that how we (adult) can affect their (children) mind and their life.
This is an awesome thing. As a dad of a 4 year old and 1 year old I am very careful as to how I talk to my kids because I KNOW how words affect people. We don't even use the word "dumb" or "stupid" when referring to ANYTHING in our home. I know that's extreme but we try to keep such negatively powerful words out of our family environment. Thank you for posting!
Wow. would be nice to know where this pic comes from !
sticks and stones may break our fixable bones , but words scare us forever.
Very touchingl! We all need to pay more attention to how we use words - it's all about love and respect!
Every time I see this image pop up, I have wondered if photographer Jill Greenberg had anything to do with it?

Haha, had a quick read through the comments, and just saw that +Brenda Anderson (of the un-missable hat fame) and +Andrew Sanigorski have already asked the same thing. :)
FB must have copied it from G+
wow thats sad but it has lots of meaning behide it.
vry nice concept of showing a realy big problem d children r facing 2day....
wow, that really hits home to how we treat our children!
This is an eyeopener on how words damage us. think before you speak
every 1 should speak & act wisely.......!
Jeremy Cowart I just what to Say Thank you For Posting this Picture it so Ture. A yet parent still Beat There kids with Words..............
This picture hurts my heart to think what some children have to go through in life.
ya voice had power,,,,,,,,,,,
is incredible that your sons will be tomorrow what you tell them today they are, amazing work, thanks for share.
heartwrenching :(
I agree. Have you looked at the new advertaising campaign of Benetton? Take a many kisses!
seems that this picture is so revealing ..
one of the most powerful pic i have seen after kevin carters pic of the vulture
It certainly is. the look in that child's face is so compelling.
I am actually touched and awed by how this image alone can stir something deep inside my heart. Being someone who is constantly bombarded with negative words and criticisms by my own family, I have a deep connection with this photo. It's just amazing.
I feel pity.Let me know why is he crying ?
kids really teach from us, they believe exactly what we say, telling appropriate words will help'em to grow as good as we hope ... love them from birth, they will give us love back
unfortunately very true. incredibly moving image.
Its not just about children, we must not be rude to anyone!!!
I'm surprised I haven't seen more images like this!
triplicate posts .. what u doing Google >.<
Holy crap I feel terrible. Even if I've only just though it about someone, even less my own kid. It's just sad.
+Sean Kelly Grownups maybe, but children as in the pictures don't understand it that way. They look to adults, (esp parents) to tell them what they are, by word or actions. If you tell a child "You're worthless." She will believe it 100% for most of her life.
treat the kids nicely and wisely
+Stephan Bollinger Giving those kids a little job to do, followed up by the all important, "hey kid, you did a great job. You're awesome." Is probably the only tactful way to do it. Besides that, if you just told the parents, "You are terrible parents, don't talk to him that way" how much would it really harm your business? It may be worth it.
People forget about the true power of words.
Hitler's campaign didn't run on fuel, or manpower; not were guns and bombs his true weapons. The war-order began with words. He used words to sway a nation, used words to command his generals, build his camps and guide his legion; Guns were made of metal but it was words that spawned their creation and commands that ushered their use;

Look at the wonderful things Martin Luther King did with words at his side; how resonant they are to this day;
Words can build cities, or destroy nations. We who have been blessed with the power of speech should learn to use it wisely, lest it be the undoing of us all. ;)
that's right , god bless who has made that picture .
omg this image made me start crying....i think everyone needs to see this...i understand it fully!!!!
I think that everyone who has or works with children should be shown this picture.
- +Jesse Davis , you are right, and that's what I'm doing of course. There are moments when I'd rather loose business and do what feels right. Luckily so far I've only had such a case once in my life, and as expected, I've never seen them again.
o wow so powerful I have no words to speak...
In this artificial world , real and true !!!

Overall rating
Very powerful indeed. Makes me choke.
Nice nice nice nice nice lovely work!
Very smart art!!
To all those calling the photographer a child-beater, you appear to have forgotten about the existence of eyedrops.

That or she tells them one of those sad, beautiful stories that shape our lives when we're young and make us remember to treat everyone equally and compassionately lest we cause that much pain ourselves.

Maybe both.
Roger Landreth...way to be a troll...we can all only hope that you are not able to contribute to the gene pool.
Thank you for this...and words can definitely ruin a child's Self Esteem for life...
+Roger Landreth please ALWAYS wear a condom.... or just go get a vasectomy... today. I can find about 200 people on Google+ who will contribute to your surgery. Thanks.
it's too emotionally manipulative. I hate it.
But is the child afraid of the words, or the loudness of the voice, and the fact that he has a hand on his throat. words aren't the power holder, the voice is.
B Groce
wow this is powerful! i love it!
Tom SS
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As an advertising professional, I can say it's a great image! Good job. I'd love to know who created it.
can't look at this without my heart breaking
I broke down when my son was crying because he couldn't play with an wooden elephant in the water
great picture! And it's adaptable for quite many many humans - young and old - out there. the power of a spoken word is underestimated...
Thank you for posting this image. Awesome.
It was indeed Jill Greenberg's photo.
As am I, I would like to share this with a friend of mine who Fights against Child Abuse on Twitter if you say it's ok, since we don't know who was the original artist, ?? What are your thoughts? I see it's been shared 2913 times before the 2,913th time was to my immediate friends and acquaintances. But putting it on twitter, even in the hands of the responsible, is still well, I'd rather get your thoughts on it before I shared with her.
Tony F
This photo griefed my minecraft house D:
Read the poem,"Children Learn What They Live" by Dorothy.Law.Nolte.
that is a sad picture who would do such thing to a kid like that
it's a print ad, and i am sure it must be happening, that's why its made to stop it.
oho....don't cry ma..god will be there....
Yes, it's extraordinary touching - and true
That's so sad, but it totally gets the point across!! ;D
Sometimes it takes an image like this to get a point across ~ brings tears to my eyes, thanks for the share
+Jeremy Cowart well given that euro rcsg or whatever asked jill greenberg if they could use her crying children images, then ripped her off when she said no, yeah, i guess if someone isn't moved by this because it is a shitty imitation of great work that's understandable. and since they are a huge ad agency that is part of an even bigger conglomerate there's nothing that jill (or any other photographer who gets ripped off) can do about it.
A word can make a great movement in the universe If It from in you.
Not one of us as parents are perfect and in this world there is no perfect parent. The only perfect ones out there are the ones that see the fault in others. All we ever do is the best for our children at the time with the resources available to us at that time.
Unfortunately there is and always will be those that abuse children, adults and animals and they will not be going away in a hurry. Hopefully with this kind of image those numbers can and will be reduced.
That's so true: With words you can build up a childs hope, or destroy or destroy their dreams, so please choose your words wisely when speaking to a child.
so glad that this one was so widely shared
it speaks VOLUMES
+Jeremy Cowart. I would like to email this to some other folks I know would appreciate this image. Is it OK for me to download and share? For attribution, should I just send them to your website?
Il y a deux autres photos de cette série. Elles sont aussi dures à regarder que celle-ci. C'est une campagne choc, contre la violence faite aux enfants!
one word a 1000 images, one image a 1000 words...
Have just seen what this brings ... depression, suicidality, drug abuse. Please, parents, don't tell your children they're worthless. Tell them that you love them!
poor baby....i know a little boy thats how his dad treated husband descided that was enough so he threatend the boys daddy now he shows the little boy nothing but love
can also make another to show "words have warming power"?
+Rakhi Saxena

Um....what? It is a picture of a child crying, hurting from verbal abuse, and you are asking what is painful about it? Seriously? Are you coherent? 
+GraceB France

Obvious troll is obvious. Go back into your cave little girl. This is adult chat, so move your tired ass on. 💤
I am training to be a child counsellor so unfortunately am not surprised when i hear the things parents say to their children who are ignorant to think they are ONLY children and not little humans. I'm just ashamed to be an adult sometimes. its devastating to have to pick ip the pieces of emotional amd verbal abuse that is becoming more and more common in the consumer ridden world we live in where your phone tv and material things seem more important than giving kids the time and attention they long for 
Children REALLY LISTEN to what they hear, be sensitive around kids. This is a powerful picture...
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww sooooooooooooooo sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it makes me think alot about what i say
its true............we can refer for a same thing in holy bible too....."..whatever enters a man from outside cannot defile him.....what comes out of a man that defiles a man .............".Mark 7:18-23
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