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"The right lens makes all the difference."

(I didn't create this image but it's very intriguing and such an amazing visual!)
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Great demonstration of focal length and depth of field, probably a few other physics things as well.
The variation in perspective is very intriquing, almost hypnotic!
I think you just blew my mind, +Jeremy Cowart. Never seen an animation like that before! You might have started something. :)
omg im gettin dizzy (Tip: Dont stare at this picture to long!)
Wow, how can I slow that thing down? :)
consecutive shots of moving back and zooming in?
I think I'm gonna throw up...
how to make pictures move
This picture really really good
Very cool, Hitchcock's "Vertigo" zoom technique as a .gif, nice!
I threw up on my desk while I was smiling at how cool this is.
nice job with this picture
wow this the most amazing image, full of meaning behind this picture
great visual.hats off to you
very creative love it~~
man i love the visual learning tool. nice
Psychedelic image... makes me crazy +Jeremy Cowart ... i can not stare it more than a minute...
This doesn't make me dizzy in the least.
The classic example of perfect zooming !
Cool! 8-) I understand Jeremy, that you did not do this, but whoever did I have this comment. The back and forth is annoying after a while, it'd like to see this done in perhaps a semi circle. A full circle could cause nausea.
It s really amazing shot ,so clear&full of details.
I think I'm going to be sea sick
A mothers lullaby in a swing which is creating same motions
montage très bien fait avec une succession de photos prises sur un objet avec différente focale
Sure, if you like vertigo... ;-)
Photo slicing I guess but I can't tell on the iPad I will have to view it on a bigger screen 
Not a good portrait :( Sorry. I could do a good one.
Gene P
Very nice visual!
how did they do this? This is awsome
Was ist das Besondere ? Man sieht einfach sehr gut wie wichtig der Standpunkt mit der entsprechenden Brennweite ist !!
Und wie stoppt man das Ding ?
This is so cool !!!
How do you do that?
awesome... i feel dizzy, but that's out of space
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