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Hello all, new to the group and somewhat new to Ionic. I am having a small issue with an application I am working on. I am trying to create a dropdown box within a form. The dropdown box works, but not 100%. The problem is when loaded into the browser, and on the device, you have to hold the dropdown box until the list pops up and then slide up the list while continuing to hold the button in order to keep the list open, otherwise if you just click on the dropdown the list opens then closes immediately.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? Is there a workaround or a better way of creating a select/option list for my form?

Thank you for any assistance anyone can provide.

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Hanging out in Canada for work, not sure what to think though...

I have lived in Salt Lake City for 33 years and since finishing my Bachelors of Science I have found it quite difficult to find work for some reason. Recently I applied with a company that seems to be world wide and finally landed what seems to be a really great position as an Android Developer. They have brought me to Charlotte, North Carolina and I begin a new chapter in my life...

Hello everyone, 
A while back I had posted a question about the current project I have been working on which was a project management application that would allow an engineer to determine the proper steps in seeing a project through from beginning to end.  My question was how to set up a database for each individual project.  Now I really didn't get any responses to that post, but I did fumble my way through to a point that I feel is good.  I would like to get others thoughts and comments about the process I took.  

Basically what I have done so far:
1. Created a page that would allow the user to create a new project.  Each project is saved as a database using the name the user had given the project.  There are a couple of issues I would like to solve with this particular setup. One being that using the name that the user entered, I have stripped any characters and spaces from the input and made everything all lowercase for the database.  The problem I have is if the project is two or more words everything is stripped from those words and when the name is brought back it comes in the way it is stored.  Is there anyway to store the original name somewhere without causing a security issue and keeping the original format?

2. Once the database has been created the user is presented with a basic setup page, along with the rest of the pages needed for the project, that allows them to enter more specific information about the project, including the project name that is recalled from the specific database, but again the returned text is stripped of all spaces and I lose the original format.  Anyway, once this form is filled out it is saved as a table within the specific database for that specific page, and each page performs similarly.  Is this the best way to store the information.  

3. So that the user can select a specific project, I created a page that gets all of the databases(projects) from the server and lists them as links.  Each link takes them to the specific project that then turns around and queries the database tables for information pertaining to the specific project page.  One issue that I am having is keeping the name of the project in the URL query string across multiple pages, would a cookie be a better solution for this?
4. All of this work I have done has been created using HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, and PHP, my question here is my use of Javascript, JQuery, and PHP have been quite limited and am not very familiar with the proper syntax and styling of these languages and have created several separate files for each individual type of functionality that I require.  Now the javascript and Jquery I haven't had too many issues scaling similar functions to a single file but for the life of me I cannot seem to get the PHP to work together like I can with the others.  I have tried to create functions but have discovered that those functions cannot be called directly from HTML, but with twice as much scripting through javascript I can.  I don't know that I want to take those extra steps to do that or do I?
I think I will stop here for the moment and see what anyone else thinks on the questions I have so far.  Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

Anyone have any projects they will be working on over the winter.  I would love to see them, and see the steps that you have taken to build your project.  Videos and Images are always welcome, don't be shy.  If there is something you need help with and some idea's that may help, don't hesitate to post them here...

Looking forward to seeing your projects.

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Since I haven't been flying for a few months now, I decided that I would search for the best way to store my batteries.  I know many of us in the winter time discontinue flying our birds and come back after a long winter to find that our batteries are dead or have puffed.  In my search I found this fairly informative video and thought that it would be good to post here.  If any of you have any additions to this video please feel free to comment.

In need of a little help
I am working on a web project management application and have gotten myself stuck.  I want to use a database to store each of the projects in it's own table, then within that table are the files, rather documents, that the engineer will use to track the project.  The problem I am having is, I know how to create a new table each time a project is created but cannot figure out how to store a copy of my default HTML files (the documents) within that table and then be able to call them up as the user navigates through the documents.  I think I can figure out the navigation part but could use help on the database part.  Thank you in advance...

I am a recent Game Software Development graduate.  Most of my work has been done in C++ and C# and have been studying Java and Android for the last 5 or 6 months on my own.  The problem I am having is that I have some, what I feel are some great game ideas, as well as some pseudo code to help with building the actual code.  However I have no idea where to begin when it comes to Android.  I have followed many tutorials only to find that they don't really work and are not extensible.  I would like to build my game entirely through the Android SDK and not use a Game Engine just yet. Recently I purchased some books on Android game development, Android Threading, and just basic Android App driven books and some reference books on Java and Java for Android but they all seem to lead in completely different directions.  I don't feel, and I may be wrong, that these books are leading me in the right direction to properly start and build a game.  

So I thought I would ask here if any of you could either point me in the right direction to starting my graphic puzzle game or maybe be interested in in becoming a mentor to me so that I can at least understand what exactly needs to be done to get a game started.

Thank you in advance to any and all willing to help. 

Current books that I have read or are reading:
Android for Programmers - An App-Driven Approach: Deitel Developer series
Data Structures & Problem Solving Using Java: Mark Allen Weiss
Java Programming: D.S. Malik
Beginning Android 4: Grant Allen
Learning Android Application Programming: James Talbot/Justin McLean
Efficient Android Threading: Anders Goransson
Android Programming The Big Nerd Ranch Guide: Bill Phillips/Brian Hardy
Beginning Android 4 Games Development
Learning Android Game Programming
Pro Android Games
The Android Developers Cookbook
Android User Interface Development Beginner Guide
Android Essentials

Sorry I haven't written anything for a couple of days I have been trying to get some work done.  Yesterday I went to +Vortex Hobbies R/C Hobby Store and worked with Tim on setting up my Gpro on my Align 550L.  We got about half way through it all before they were closing.  I am going to attempt to finish the work today.  It's a really neat setup, all of the settings are done in the gyro rather than the transmitter.  All I had to do in the transmitter was set the swashplate to H1 and adjust my travel settings.  The binding process is also done through the gyro, rather than putting in a bind plug.  I will be able to explain in much more detail once I am done.  Have a great day everyone...

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Following on from show 5 where we had the Align factory boys on and talking all things Align. Here we have a video from Colin Bell, another Align pilot with quite a useful guide to preventative maintenence. And most of the tips are not "Align only" they can be transferred to any heli!

We hope you guys find it useful
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