If you add the other two French taxes (CSG and CRDS) French entrepreneurs will be taxed 92% if they sell their startups (~60% tax on the first $3M, and 92% on the remaining, to be more precise)

This means that if a French entrepreneur build a company and sell it right now for a profit of $10M (after investors money is taken out) he will pay in tax over $8M, to have a little less than $2M. 

Consequence, I heard that all company sales are being frozen. No entrepreneurs (even French ones) want to sell their company to be taxed 92%. 

This is going to be very interesting to see what maximum taxation as for effect on a country economy.

Right now, I would assume that it is the people that have already made their money that are moving out of France. The real problem is when the people that are in the process of making their money moves out.

Only time will tell, but the good news is that time always do [tell].  
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