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Took this just after it had rained on at a river that runs through a local neighborhood. Its comprised of 5 bracketed shots from -2 to +2 with 1EV steps. I combined them using Enfuse and post processed in Photoshop. I waited for the sun to just be coming through the foilage infront of me so it would light up the rock and bottom of the stream. I used a circular polarizer to get rid of as much glare from the water as possible and a neutral density filter to slow the exposure time down since I was shooting into the sun essentially. 

I use Enfuse when doing HDR with foilage because it gives a more realistic representation of it VS Photomatix. The algorithm that Photomatix uses seems to give foilage an almost 3D unrealistic look.
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Awesome post, +Jeremy Carter! Thanks for sharing your workflow. This kind of information can be really helpful!
+Varina Patel No problem! Im constantly evolving and experimenting with new techniques both in the field and in post. Iv only been doing photography for a year so im loving this community with all its useful information.
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