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Studio time; not always the most successful venture.

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I'm appropriating this from Matt Lawrence as a profile pic

Done with all 14 panels; time to catalog and start looking for shows.

Had a couple of people from the Portland Art Museum up to the studio today to see the new works. No one who can set me up with shows or anything grand but it was nice to feel professional finally. Come by the space on Tuesday, May 1st after 7pm for drinks and conversation @ 2211 NW Front Ave Ste# 312

Another successful afternoon in the studio. Work tonight and a double tomorrow but that leaves Friday open to finish the last few paintings.

Just got home from a day in the studio and I have two more full days available to me this week. I should be done within the next two weeks which means it's time to start planning a studio party. It also means it is time to start planning my next series and prep supplies.

The miserably cold and rainy walk to the studio today sapped my willingness to work. I spent some time on four of the paintings. Most have full color at this point so they should be done soon.
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