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Jeremy Boutin
Distraction is a gift.
Distraction is a gift.

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The MSPCA Walk for Animals is just 6 weeks away and my team is just $100 short of reaching its fundraising goal. Please help my girlfriend and I reach our goal, and support a good cause.

#Pug #animalrescue #mspca #animalcruelty   #Pets

+Google This isn't the first rant from me on Search Personalization, and it certainaly won't be the last. I was just thinking the other day how easy it would be to sabotage your competitions brand name.

Think about it!

Step 1 - Create an Adwords campaign targeting your competitors brand name as your keyword.
Step 2 - Max out the bid...
Step 3 - Visitor tries searching 'Company A' sees your link as a 'sponsored link' and clicks on that instead of Company A's website (therefore personalizing the result)

I don't know anybody who is for this stupid 'feature'.

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+Google+ Your Business Will you PLEASE add in the page selection for page owners to the top-right of the new Google bar? And will we ever see notifications on pages?

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+Google+ Your Business +Google+ It'd be a nice feature for page owners to have icons for their pages in the top right next to their regular profile image to make it easier to switch between them.

made a mockup..

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Gooooooood morning everyone :}
Methuen, Massachusetts
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