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ok, soooo.... now what?
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More than anything I'm torn over where I should be posting everything! I already post pictures on my blog, facebook, and flickr. I already post status updates on twitter, and facebook... It's social overload.
Seems like this new toy is intended to replace your social network, micro blog, photo blog, and blog in one fell swoop.
Mehhh. I'm not prepared for this...
From the early signs, I'd say it looks like we have a winner (like it or not). Still early however, check back in a few weeks!

As for use: We did get to keep someone company in a hangout earlier while they waited for an airplane set to fly them home to bury one of their parents - along with another person who had just woken up in a hotel in Las Vegas after a late night of gambling. Surreal stuff!
Great videos on your site!! just getting into this world!!
hii sir nice to meet u ,
my name is ashish and i realy loved ur tutorial on arduino ,thanks to that now i am understanding microcontrollers ,
Yes thanks a bunch for the tuts, they are a real life saver! Keep em coming. Btw. did you ever use Fritzing?
Yes, it's in some of my tutorials
Ah okay so you used it already. I just never see Fritzing on any of the lists from PCB manufacturers. Do you think the Gerber-Files are good enough to be used with them? I must say I like it's GUI very much, it's easy and intuitive even for a total n00b like me.
I prefer eagle - much more control.
Ok but you're a pro. Im still unworthy to use eagle. In ur tut7 u use a temp.sensor. How fast can u poll it? Is any sensor able to poll say 1000/sec.?
Depends on the speed of the I2C bus - you'd have to check the datasheet. 1000/s is pretty fast.
Thanks for the Arduino tutorials!
Now... you take over the un-staked arduino corner of G+
Just think of it as a super-charged Twitter with less spam and more flexibility and you'll be in the right ball-park.
can u make a toutorial on using ir to control arduino ,
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