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Everything has costs... (thanks +Alan Pope for the link)
The ARM arch version needs to support V6 of the ARM arch to fully support the Raspberry Pi intiative so that the most user friendly Linux can be distributed with the device on SD cards from the start....
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+Jason DeRose, I see your point, but I still think it was a chance to put Ubuntu in hands of many people with passion, many young people who will be shaping feature of computing.
So what would be the problem in having a ubuntu distribution-flavor especially for the Pi? Pibuntu seems an appropriate name :)
looks like some of the smaller non-Linux OS distributions will get ahead of ubuntu on this one because I know that AROS is already semi-functional on the device and one of the developers managed to get hands-on early in the stampede...
Quite a difficult one there.
A cheap computer that's purpose is to be distributed to every child in every school.
How utterly awesome would that be with Ubuntu/Lubuntu on there?
Ubuntu was the Linux OS that, to me, finally proved that Linux was ready for the non-geek.
And to tie yourself to the schools, that would be brilliant.
But at the cost of diluting your focus.

Personally, I think it would be a good idea to at least give a little resource to getting Lubuntu (+Unity!! 8D) up and running, or maybe LXDE Edubuntu remix?
Unity!?!? you would give that to children !!?? ouch...
I would first cut my own arms off and give up programming entirely before giving such a windowing environment to children.
Do you want them digitally handicapped by dealing with it!?

Sorry but my own impression of Unity was that it is a big step backwards into being unusable generally.

If you want to "go retro" then pull out some old UI ideas like the original Xerox PARC paperless office,
the early Atari TOS / GEM / Windows 1.x / AmigaOS Intuition styles...

But then the Atari TOS and AmigaOS are the only two from that era still around (Amiga having released the most recent OS update during February this year along with a new machine)
so you can't count on such a cheap device delivering the same experience of enjoyment if you give them a limited interface.

Gnome3 has seriously ruined the experience I had with Gnome2 which was a step up from Gnome1
Absolutely I would give it to children.
I find it more efficient and productive, especially being a keyboard warrior.

1) Press Super
2) Type 2-5 letters of what I want to use
3) Press return

Personally I think that's just better (than the "Start Menu" paradigm)

Ultimately IMO this new "search" paradigm will replace (has replaced? Google?) all others.

I don't understand your reference to "go retro". Unless your insinuating that Unity is somehow old fashioned?

However I would be interested to hear why GNOME3 and Unity ruined your experience.

I hear so many people spill hatred and bile about GNOME3 and Unity (not saying you are, just in general people do) but rarely do I find anybody codifying there issues into functionality gaps.
Keep in mind that Windows 8 is removing their 'Start' menu and going with the search like Unity is.. :D  I love it, makes more sense than clicking
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