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Jeremy Bettis
Arvada, CO Software Engineer at Google
Arvada, CO Software Engineer at Google

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Take your kid to work day is so much easier when you are on paternity leave.

My 2 year old thinks that all words on clothing are "Google", he just pointed at the tag inside a shirt and said it was Google.

I might have a few too many Google t-shirts.

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This is truly amazing.

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Adeline Mercy Bettis

3:21 pm Adeline Mercy Bettis. 8lb 6oz.

Mom and baby are both fine.
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+Brett Humphreys

Looks like they made a movie about your daughter.

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I'm not sure how I never found this before, but you can do your taxes for free at It appears to be sponsored by Liberty Tax, but I can't see what they get out of it.

No CSV import of brokerage 1099b, but Tax Act seems to have dropped that as well. It took about an hour to type it my 58 line items.

The only thing that made me nervous is that it warns you if you made a non deductible IRA contribution that you should have done a Roth instead, but the forms look right. And it took a few tries to get the HSA to come out right because it wanted to split the contributions 50-50 between Amy and me.

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For you +Alex Baasch​

Just 2 more mortgage payments and we are done!
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