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Mannix Marketing Glassdoor
A Surprising Lesson in Recruiting

Are you using Glassdoor to help recruit candidates? You might find that job seekers aren't the only people who are looking at your company's account.

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Mobile-Friendly Test [TOOL]
Find out if your website passes the test

Take 5 seconds to find out whether or not your website is mobile-friendly:

1. Visit:
2. Enter your domain name
3. If your website is mobile-friendly, congrats!
4. If your website is not mobile-friendly then consider a responsive website, or prepare to get trounced by competitors in the search results.

Get more info on responsive websites and what Google's recent announcement means to your search engine rankings here:

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Responsive Website?
Good News for Your SEO

Your website's "mobile-friendliness" is sure to affect where you show up in the search results, according to Google. The solution? A responsive website.

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5 Social Media Conversion Ideas
#4 is Essential...

Here's a solid set of tips from +Rebekah Radice that you can (and should) start using today:

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Step-Up Your LinkedIn Profile Today
30 Tips You Can Use Right Away

With over 330 million members (over 100 million in the U.S.), are you getting noticed by your professional network on LinkedIn? Is your LinkedIn profile helping you get found and build new relationships?

Start here 

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You're company has a culture- good or bad. Here are a few books to help bring your culture to new heights in 2015.

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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
And does my business need it?

SEO is a lot more than just rankings, as every business needs to get found online by today's buyers, drive more qualified visitors to their website, and attract more leads from the web.

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What is Google Adwords?

If you've ever received a Free $50 Adwords Credit then you've probably considered using Google Adwords to help your business get found online. But do you know what Google Adwords is and how it could help grow your business?

Get your Google Adwords questions answered in this article by +Renee Benedetti - our Google Adwords Certified Digital Marketing Specialist with a deep background in paid search marketing.

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Sales is Transforming
Are you ready to take your selling inbound?

I know a lot of salespeople who could learn from +David Meerman Scott's insights (and whose customers would benefit greatly as a result). From becoming a knowledgeable resource on your industry and customers' problems to serving as an adviser throughout the buying process, the best salespeople are going inbound to convert the right buyers into happy customers.
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