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+Verizon Wireless What is wrong with your service as of lately. I use to get 4G in my area. Now I barely even get 3G Data.
Edgewood, Washington
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You and me both. LTE growing pains. The just lit up a few new markets. Seems that every time they do, all the old areas struggle a little bit.
Verizon tech support keeps telling me that my DROID RAZR has connectivity issues and the update to ICS 4.0 is "supposed" to fix those issues...I really hope so because I have been regretting switching to Verizon.
Dude. Motorola has the best Radio in my opinion. I think it's BS from Verizon.
I'm not hating on Verizon to much. I'm happy when I have 4G connectivity. I'm just frustrated that when I'm in a area that had always had 4G, but now i barely get a data connectivity, it's annoying. I pay for this service. Why don't I have it. I do understand that there will be hiccups, but a 5 month hiccup is a long one.
When I'm at home that is when I really put my phone to work. Hardcore data downloads really isn't a issue, because I'm connected to wifi. When I have to send a simple text message that requires being connected to a cell tower, that's an issue to me.
You have wifi. There is no need for data. That's what you told me.
I said there is no reason for 4G if you have Wifi at the house... But there is no reason for not having Data at all.
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