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If there is anyone running ubuntu that wants to help me test out very early stages of the cyanogenmod compiler gui, please let me know. I would appreciate it.
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Here is the download link:

Please keep in mind that its not 100% yet. sync and build functions do not work yet. I am working on those tonight. Still need to add more setup options and such. Basically, I created a makefile so I can deploy this to ubuntu versions 10.04 - 12.04. 32 and 64bit. Just want to make sure the application installs correctly, and gui is presented. you should be able to see it in unity by typing cmc. Its using the default terminal icon for right now.

Just let me know how it goes.
any particular version in particular to try? I just installed 12.04 x86 in its Unity'ing glory on a spare box .. but can wipe and try something else
It installed smoothly and looks nice...will it have an option to use a repo you already have synced on your system or is it linked to it automagically? Or does it make it's own?
In the setup there will be a button to configure an existing repo if needed.
Sounds good...seems to be running nicely at the moment. Let me know when the rest of the scripts are placed in. ^_^ Look forward to using this. :D
For sure! Huge difficulty was the deb packaging, never done it before and wanted to make sure it was being deployed properly. I really appreciate it!
I'll do it, I won't be able to test the outcome because I only have evo4g, but I'll help ya out
on my Mint laptop ATM.

Linux sleepy 3.0.0-12-generic #20-Ubuntu SMP Fri Oct 7 14:50:42 UTC 2011 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux

installed fine with gdebi with a message "Requires the installation of 46 packages".
Pulled in all dependencies and once downloaded and installed, cmc shows up on Gnome 2 under "Programming" menu.
Starts up and runs well.

Good job.
btw, seems your Donate link on the About popup is incorrect. Takes me to a "Sorry — your last action could not be completed" page
My install halted at "Downloading additional package files.." ... my network does show steadily decreasing thuroughput during this time, but the notify doesn't go to the next gdebi action. What's the total size of the files it downloads? Is this because I'm on the most recent dev kernel? 3.2.0-23 generic - 12.04 64bit
hrm I am using the same setup without issue. Maybe there was an issue connecting the ubuntu repo server?
hmm... well i ran it two times now and it halted at the same spot each time. Maybe it's on my end though, I've done a lot of scheduler and fstab tweaking, and networks only connect well in performance mode, i'll try it one more time and report back
LOL okay ya, it was on my end, I looked at the packages that needed to be downloaded and cacao 6 and flex were both on the list (big files) I was just antsy in my pantsy and prematurely evacuated :$ the download haha , I'll let it download now brbrbrbrb
Ya man, all looks well, wish I could test it, but somehow I think it would kill my supersonic. Well done though, you're the man for bringing the latest android developments to the masses
wow, don't blame ya. Very long install on 12.04 .. still going and Ununtu Software Center doesn't show much about what's happening (ie downloads).
that would be too easy :) I'm forcing Unity onto myself because every time I use it I want to poke my eyes out and eat them with mayo. Funny thing is I just built this box for two reasons:
a) fight my anti-Unity'sm
b) install CMC .. haha .. what a coincidence.
Jeremy I will install the 12.04 version over the weekend and let you know how it goes.
I could give this a shot. I am running 64-bit 10.04
just grabbed the 10.04 x64 version and installed, installed quick and easy, looks good
Yeah, installed just fine. Looks great. Keep up the good work, Jeremie :)
Just did a new install of Ubuntu 10.04 x64, just to try this out. :-P

Alright, installs just fine, and looks great. :-D
I'm on mint 12, any chance I can get a preview?
that's 11.10 sir. i' running 32bit as well fyi.
OK I'll install in a bit and report on success, thanks a lot.

REPORT: installing cmc_0.1_i386.deb on Mint 12 32 bit

Needed the following:
libwxgtk2.6-dev squashfs-tools pngcrush

apt-get -f install took care of that, cmc installs fine.

I see the pyramid listed so looks like I can build for the Sensation (hooray), sadly startablet is not in your list (G-Slate/Optimus Pad target), any chance you can add it?
ok, so CMC only builds for devices w/ official CM support, understood. AFAIK startablet will be added shortly, ICS for g-slate nearing 70% working build. I'll try and create a build for Sensation to test further but g-slate is honestly the device I tinker with. Other than that CMC launches fine and I can interact with it's menu items with no issue. Thanks for shooting a build my way.
Sure, I'd try it. After I stabilize my server again, unfortunately it's having raid 5 partition issues.
Jeremie it installed and is running smoothly on my ubuntu 12.04 machine. Awesome work!
I wil definitely help test once the 12.04 final build is released, 12.04 beta 1&2 have been really buggy on my macbook air
really? I have been using the nightly builds and don't really have any issues at all. This isn't 12.04 specific BTW, its supported down to ubuntu 10.04.
I've been really busy, Im just going to wait another week until its out of beta, I'll see if that treats me better
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