I predict that makers will flee away from Ultimaker, as the direct result of their choice... and not because of their expanding "market" they talk about, which makers have no care about.

It is a difficult exercise for Ultimaker. I find it revealing that its employees were prepared, and they jump and try to answer every objection on every website in the world (including on my blog)... and they often mix economy and ethics. I react once again because I just saw yet another arrogant argument that "Ultimaker sales prove the point / the need" (OK, admittedly partially taken out of context, but still... see the link below).

If they really wanted to address their community, which they certainly care about, as it certainly helped them reach success, then they could at least try to avoid the smoke and the buzzwords, both in the press release, in the patent over-reaching legalese (OK, naive hope on this), and in the way they handle the critics.

In no way in my opinion they will succeed when they praise the good and the need for patents to the makers of a community that is fundamentally and extremely attached to the values of sharing and of Open-Source.

In fact, only now I realized that part of the Ultimaker community is a potential aggressive fan club (actually I even got insulted for my posts). I think that the other part will either leave or get bored by just-another-business-maker, or it will keep on innovating without Ultimaker (which is well deserved since they are now big enough (200+!) to handle their own business as they show it quite well). What is interesting is that I have yet to hear any of the old school makers to approve Ultimaker patents. There are none so far, or some prefer to keep silent, or they are using their time on more interesting stuff than what I do now :D

Time will show, but I do think they did in-depth analyses and they did choose the growth and the market first, while only trying to keep what they can of the original makers ethics (well, CC-BY-NC never was real Open-Source anyway whatever the bragging). Juicy professional users most probably do not care about patents anyway.

Reciprocally, the ethics of makers have less value on the market now that it is ripe: profit seems to be a bigger motive than sharing at this point at Ultimaker. I understand, but they should tell so imho instead of calling us "naive" because we think they could keep on without patents. Some say they could be anti-hero that would use patents in a good way. But the more I think about it, the more I think the real heroes are at Aleph Objects, at Prusa Research, or in the independent community of makers e.g. I can even live with a regular non-open source business, but please no bragging nor teaching on openness!

Now let me be clear: I wish Ultimaker a real success. If they manage to keep on growing, it would make a much better and friendly player than what exists.

I will probably keep an itching/cynical eye on their moves further on. More and more coming patents is an easy guess, since they already stated it...
A lot of "open-source patents", of course, otherwise why would they pay for lawyers and marketing?
Eh, may be I shall trademark "open source patent" first! ;)
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