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Jeremie Francois
An open-minded technophilic iconoclast driven by curiosity.
An open-minded technophilic iconoclast driven by curiosity.

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Hanlon's Razor: never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

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It is usually hard to measure precisely the space between a large flat surface and an item close to it, such as the tube below that needed a 3D printed spacer. I used two cheap "taper gauges" (also known as "wedge gauge") and very simply added both readings at any place on the scale.

Formerly highlighted in my "good deals" collection 

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I met this French guy shortly in Bolivia, filmed here in the salar de Uyuni by his little but impressive autonomous drone (I forgot to ask which one).
By the way, this is a place like no other on Earth :)
He has a blog with short videos (FR) here

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Well done (and lots of work)! It reminds me of Blade Runner, even before Clash of the Titans ;)
My latest project.

Bubo, the mechanical owl from Clash of the Titans, the original (1981) version.
For some strange reason they showed it just for a couple of seconds in the 2010 version.

The designs :

The software :
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Using an accelerometer as a common end stop, that detects the different hardware limits via the small, induced mechanical shocks. By the way, this single arm SCARA printer (Helios) folds to an extremely compact size. In this regard, I already loved the older Morgan a lot (even with two arms). We are talking here of smart "reprap" printers, that require little non-printed hardware (aka vitamins), but which manage to maintain a good printing quality nonetheless.

The Helios is worth a detailed look, as there has not been many new 3D printer shapes for a while (the last one that pops to my mind is the

Various, and sometimes curious geometries already came from +Nicholas Seward​​ himself, but he also recently made improvements to slicing with his students (anisotropic bridges and adaptative filling). Add such work regarding sensors, and he is certainly one of the most prolific and still active inventors in the field!
For those of you that are disturbed by my dislike or lack of endstops. This is one sensor that will rule them all.

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Almost art at this point! 

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Uh oh time has come. This was a fundamental issue for Bitcoin, that was well known ahead.

Bitcoin is based on virtual money and somehow anarchic. One year ago we choose to rely on the Hyperledger blockchain instead, because of its modularity and of better guidelines. Now, Hyperledger is a beast which is tricky to get on rail... but it is backed both by the linux foundation and IBM.

Ethereum was severely hacked at the time (millions of dollars disappeared with no way to sort it out, due to the very nature of a blockchain!). And anyhow, is also more or less based on a virtual currency (the Ether), and they now try to get more services around it in a hackish way.

But actually , both Bitcoin and Ethereum are only one of the many applications of the blockchain revolution (I mean it, I do not use this word often).

I hate the excuse that IBM together with the linux foundation just "cannot be wrong" but for now Hyperledger seems to be a safe choice given the turmoil of the bitcoin blockchain. And interestingly, we met scores of companies that were willing to give Hperledger a try.

(our business at Chainorchestra is "only" to help clients and partners with possibly pre-installed or in-house blockchains, and to provide consistent APIs and service across releases and versions, as required by commercial uses - and the very issue with bitcoin right now. So we leave it to them to create other virtual moneys, better access controls, safer storage of sensitive data, or secure IoT logging - the last two are extremely useful but not as popular in the public news - They also are cheaper so they will become ubiquitous).

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Straightforward, basic spool holder under my desk. Trivial, but it frees space over the desk, and it can be detached in seconds.
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