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Jeremie Francois
An open-minded technophilic iconoclast driven by curiosity.
An open-minded technophilic iconoclast driven by curiosity.


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Glad to see more from +Richard Horne​, he is using different materials each time, and as always he provides invaluable tips for printing them. It will end up as one of the most useful and comprehensive review of materials I know of. Great!
Christmas Advent 3D Printing #Day 11 Advice using Proto-Pasta Magnetic Iron PLA and Conductive Graphite
December advent calendar - modular Christmas tree 3D Printing advice #Day 11 For the background and i ntroduction - Day #1 Post click here Yesterday - Day #9 Post  (Trumpet) was printed in Polymaker PolySmooth with a process to bond Glitter all over it. Chr...

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hemalchevli says: The CEO, Teo Swee Ann has Spoken: [ESP8266] Pins are indeed 5V tolerant [warning: I do not condone!!]

Martin says: Is this for real? The company uses Facebook as communication channel!?! That’s really strange.

Oliver Hankeln says: In a world, where the President of the USA uses twitter for his bullying, a tech company giving info about their products via facebook does not seem odd to me.

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The 1970 bloom filter" is an interesting algorithm to quickly check whether a value is in a set. It is faster than an exact up-front search, but the trick is that false positive matches are possible, i.e. it tells you either "definitely not in set" ...or "possibly in set"! So this filter is especially useful when you know that the the majority of the items are not in the set. This happens a lot when you have to deal with "particular cases", i.e. exceptions to a rule.

Only when it tells that the item might be in, you have to revert to an exact test (well, if you really need to know).

It is quite efficient since it produces false positives at a rate of only 1% with only 10 bits per element, independently of the size of the set.

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In-depth comparison of opensource *time-serie databases* -- i.e. systems meant for storing time related values (like my solar production and energy flows).
Looking at the numerous choices I realize so much has been done since the reliable but somehow obsolete and non-user-friendly RRDtool (which is only mentioned in the list via its successor, Graphite, placed at the last rank because itself is obsolete!).

There is an impressive google spreadsheet for th egory details (seriously, an amazing/scientific work):

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3D parametric modeling with constructive geometry... I just stumbled upon and it looks impressive with a few bonuses like a "filleted union" primitive (like below)... something I sorely miss in Openscad!
cc +Mark Moissette

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Shooting bits of sticky materials... a new kind of contactless 3D printing?!

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Open souce CAE & topology-optimization workbench

- Salome (Software) - Einsatzgebiet ist das Pre- und Postprocessing bei Numerischen
t is powerful open-source CAD/Mesher,

- Code_Aster ist eine freie FEM-Simulations-Software.

- ToOptix is used for multiphysical topology optimization. There are different methods for combining structural, thermal, ... load cases.

- open source topology optimization - integrated in Blender
ToOptix is an open source tool for topology optimization used for blender. In this case we solve a standard structure example.
Its completly free (No Adds, no test Versions ...)

- open source computer aided engineering Linux distribution CAElinux.

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Wow, talk about hydraulics :) Nice pics of a WW2 german submarine. Low & quite reliable tech I guess, but man, what about ease of use and ergonomics?

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Has anyone tried to do anything like this (cheaper and opensourced may be, the crowfunded one below is quite expensive!)? I really need to exercise when I am working all day like these days... I also need something that can go under a busy desk... I may better look for generators and some DIY... :p

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Realistic but fictional autonomous little explosive killer drones...for now: "we have an opportunity to prevent the future you just saw, but the window to act is closing fast". Just nightmarish, especially as I believe deep stupidity prevails in the "leaders" of this world. This may even give ideas to a few of them.
Actually the idea comes from the 2015 open letter from many scientists, calling for a ban on autonomous weapons at
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