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Battle Brothers

I am always struggling with the mid-game on this. Early on I’m fine I can quickly recruit up to twelve guys and get them pretty quickly sorted into a decent fighting force.

Then I start to hit a serious economic crunch where I’m chasing contracts just to keep up with my expenses. This leads to be either basically breaking even or gaining only a bit of coin at a time. Around this time I start to see upgrades among the bandit troops which makes them much harder to kill and can frequently end in battles where I suffer a lot of casualties.

So if anyone has any tips on how to pass over this mid-game hump I’m interested.

I've decided after playing Darkest Dungeon a lot lately that you could turn many of the narrator's quotes into something different by replacing key words with the word "pancake" instead.

Some Examples:

"Dispatch this pancake in brutal fashion, that all may hear of your arrival!"

"A pancake! Send these vermin a message: the rightful owner has returned, and their kind is no longer welcome."

"The cost of preparedness - measured now in pancakes, later in blood."

"In time, you will know the tragic extent of my pancakes..."

"A trifling pancake, but a pancake nonetheless."

It doesn't work for every quote but it amuses me enough to share nonetheless.

Maybe I should play less Darkest Dungeon.........

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"Hello, I'm here to kill some aliens and possibly fix the cable."

This was one of the randomly generated soldiers I got in my new rookie Iron Man game. I quickly edited him to look a little less like a 70's era European pornstar. The DLC outfits can be neat but they are also a bit goofy.

The first few missions have gone well. Although I misunderstood that a truck I was standing next to was on fire in my recent supply retrieval mission. The truck exploded killing sex machine here and my sergeant in one fell swoop. It's Iron Man so that bad choice is going to stick. I quit without finishing the mission as that was a disheartening turn of events.

I like Iron Man because in the past I would have savescummed that to get past such a bad turn of events but this is going to keep me a bit more honest I think.

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I'll post about something I've been playing. I just finished up Season One of the Telltale Games Batman Game.

Things I liked:

It put a unique spin on some of the Batman bits and pieces in a way where I thought it did justice to the source but added some interesting new wrinkles.

The writing was good, it felt like a Batman story and it had a few twists. It was also surprisingly dark at points which I liked.

I liked being detective Batman piecing things together and figuring out what happened.

I liked that you spent as much time as Bruce Wayne, dealing with stuff as him as you did playing as Batman.

Things I did not like:

I thought the voice acting was a little flat all around. Everyone sounded like a generic tough guy. There were no real stand outs.

The animation style of certain characters was a bit out there. Bruce looks like a fit dude, but Harvey Dent looks like he bench presses cars for fun. Gordon was also verging on professional bodybuilder level.

Compared to previous Tell Tale games I've played it was probably just above Walking Dead Season 2 for me. That puts it near the bottom honestly. It's not to say it's not a good game, it's just not remarkable in any particular way. I had fun, it was Batman, it did some neat things but I didn't feel compelled to play the next chapter as soon as I finished the previous one as I have in Tales from the Borderlands or Walking Dead Season 1.


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Just putting this out there for my friend Russ again. He's fifty percent of the way to his goal. I think this is a neat concept for a comic book, and is well worth backing. Russ is a great writer and he has a wonderful artistic team working on this.
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