I was honored to find myself in his circle, so I can only return the favor.
Go Team Scott!

via +Scott Cramer.

Over six days and many more hours per day than ever intended, +Keith Cramer and +Scott Cramer combed through hundreds of G+ user profiles and thousands of posts.

The intent?
To put together a circle of 100 frequently posting interactive interesting eclectic awesome users.

The twist?
We're brothers. Of course it became a contest. 50 picks each, recording the number of followers for each user at the time they were selected. Today we share our circles of 50. Friday (somewhere around midnight EST) we will revisit every profile and record the number of followers again for each user. The team with the greatest increase in overall number of followers wins!

The punishment?
Lunch was lame. We'll still do lunch. What has been discussed in hushed tones around the home and office has been dubbed, "THE DEATH OF A THOUSAND CONDIMENTS!!!" << http://goo.gl/ruosV >> Something so horrific that it deserves it's own post! << http://goo.gl/K93J3 >>

To my team: We hope that you will take a look at your team's shared circle. If you find it worthy, please share it on your stream and promote it. Continue to be your awesome selves and, hopefully, continue growing and being circled by your G+ peers. Some of you are already well on your way to a large circle of followers. Some of you are new and maybe just need a little visibility.

To public: If you like the circle, feel free to add! Brother is posting his team's circle on his stream also at this very moment. At the end of the week, we'll post the combined circle.

After Friday we will create one shared circle with all of you in it! If you have not already done so, we hope that you will all add each other and promote each other to your streams. We will be doing the same for all of you. We will also post whatever stats we have on this social experiement and ideas we have for doing more in the future. Particularly we want to concentrate on people who are not as active but are still valued G+ users who might just need a little help to get to the next level. Any and all ideas or commentary welcome!

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