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Why you should consider facial therapy at the dentist

If you think that cosmetic #dentists are only able to revamp your smile, you’d be highly misinformed. Today’s cosmetic dentists have the ability to not only enhance your teeth and gums, but also your entire facial appearance! Offering modern facial injectable therapies and dermal fillers, our aesthetic dentists are able to soften your wrinkles, plump up your sagging skin and folds, contour your lips and much more. To find out why you should consider getting these safe and minimally invasive therapies done at the dentist’s clinic, read on.

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Get a face/smile makeover this summer!

Summer is the time of year when your calendar is chockful of social events. It is perhaps also a great time to invest in a smile/face makeover that may help you to create great first impressions. At Jephson Street Dental, our cosmetic dentists will spare no effort to rejuvenate your smile or face with a range of safe and minimally invasive treatment options. Visit us in Toowong, Brisbane.

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Oral health tips that everyone needs to know

To ensure good oral health that is long-lasting, you should maintain a daily regime that looks after the cleanliness of your mouth and #teeth at all times. You should schedule at least two dental appointments a year for regular checks and cleans, while looking out for any danger signs that may suggest future problems, and listening to professional advise on what you can do to keep potential problems at bay.

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Should I put off wearing braces?

When your jaws come together, do your teeth meet perfectly in a contoured alignment? If not, is it because your upper set of teeth protrudes over your lower teeth? Or perhaps they are unevenly spaced or crooked? These are all common cases of malocclusions that may require the help of a dentist or orthodontist. Common orthodontic problems like crowding, overbites, underbites and crossbites share something in common: You cannot afford to leave them untreated or they might develop into more serious dental conditions later. In this article, we detail some of these common issues that no one should neglect...

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Dental crown in a single appointment!

Whereas in the past a patient needs to make at least two trips to get a crown done – the first appointment to prepare the tooth and take an impression; followed by the second appointment to fit and place the permanent crown – today’s patients get to do all that in just one sitting! Thanks to the revolutionary #CEREC CAD/CAM system, Jephson Street Dental is proud to offer same day dentistry that will deliver the same, if not better, restorative results in much shorter time. If you wish for your next restorative treatment (crown/ veneer/ inlays) to be faster and more cost effective, read on!

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Dealing with Sleep Apnoea Complications
#Snoring is often dismissed as a noisy disturbance. There is however a type of snoring-related condition known as sleep apnoea (or sleep apnea) that entails much more than just an occasional annoyance. Studies estimate that more than a quarter of Male Australians aged between 40 and 65 suffer from this sleeping disorder. In serious cases, sleep apnoea can result in stroke, heart attack and even death. Even in mild cases, it could rob you of the sleep and rest that you badly need to function properly. Read on to discover solutions available to tackle this under-diagnosed condition!

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Should I get my teeth professionally whitened?

If you have been mulling over whether to go for a professional whitening treatment or getting it done with a #DIYTeethWhitening   kit, there may be a few things you need to consider before making that decision. Which option will give me the results I want? How long do the respective procedures take? Which procedure is safer and more reliable?

Well, we’ve come up with a list of reasons why you might want to consider taking the professional route. Read on!

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Rejuvenate your youthful beauty with cosmetic injectables

Is your age showing because of nasty wrinkles, saggy cheeks and thinning lips? In the past, it would cost the earth to regain your youthful beauty using expensive and complicated surgical methods. Thanks to innovative dermal fillers and cosmetic #injectables, Jephson Street Dental offers you a non-invasive method to turn back the ageing clock.

Now you can smoothen out those facial lines, add volume to sunken areas of your face and lips using a safe, easy and effective treatment method, administered by your trusted friendly Toowong Brisbane dentists.

#CosmeticInjectables #CosmeticDentistBrisbane #DentistToowong #DentistBrisbane #JephsonStreetDental  

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Jephson Street Dental: Our blogosphere awaits you!

For the latest news updates, dental articles, treatments and services available at Jephson Street Dental, read our newly launched blog! Indeed, we have just launched this news and events portal to connect you with the Toowong Brisbane clinic. Whether you are a long-time customer or first-time visitor, you are more than welcome to follow our exploits and join in our highly informative blogosphere.

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New Patient Offer $195

Comprehensive Dental Assessment & Oral Hygiene

60 Minute Appointment (valued at $275) includes:
-Full comprehensive examination
-Professional clean and polish
-Fluoride treatment
-Diagnostic X-Rays

Contact our team on (02) 3870 3220 to book your appointment!

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