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“Was bleibt, ist die Veränderung; was sich verändert, bleibt.” -Michael Richter 
“Was bleibt, ist die Veränderung; was sich verändert, bleibt.” -Michael Richter 

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Für mich ein Highlight der re:publica 2015. Gunter Dueck über #Schwarmdummheit #rp15

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...und das bei viel besserem Wetter als zu Hause am Bodensee! 
Ab Dienstag re:publica. Aber schon seit Donnerstag in der Stadt. #rp15 #berlin

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Dürfte aber, wie für Apple üblich, auch die preisliche Oberklasse markieren. Aber auch wertig und langlebig sein.
Sollte das zutreffend sein, dann können sich die deutschen Autobauer langsam warm anziehen. Übrigens, Apple wird eine 5 Quadratkilometer große Photovoltaikanlage bauen, diese Meldung bekommt doch in Zusammenhang mit der Meldung zum E-Auto noch einmal ein ganz anderes Gewicht.

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Incredible how the idea of an united worldwide operation was run again. And again without any serious leaks. Looking forward to #unight32 
#Unight16 Global Sitrep

#u16   #unight16  

Unight16 - Uniting the world of resistance. This global resistance operation, completed between 24th and 25th January 2015, aimed to challenge the world of resistance beyond what's expected. Beyond what agents believed they were capable of and what they thought possible. Beyond limits. It involved multiple city and country fielding around the world - A global training exercise for the next generation of resistance Intel. 

86 countries in total
4,712,573,830 MU (4.7 Billion mind units) generated at target checkpoint (unequaled for MU at one CP) 
5.7 billion mind units recorded in sitreps
340,808,616 MU generated in North America
3000+ P8 generated in central east-coast US, 1161 in NYC alone.
A new world record for the total number of p8 in a city - 6167 RP8 in Hong Kong,
3.67 billion MU scored at one CP in indian subcontinent (4.42B total)
First fully RP8 city in Ireland - Derry
2 baby smurfs born in Europe!
Number of pubs visited because of op : countless
New collaborations for many countries
Intel crashed
Did we crash Inmarsat?

#Unight8   united the world of resistance to one cause. The bonds formed in the pressured few months in 2013 leading up to that landmark operation strengthened the Resistance in immeasurable ways and helped form our most effective global networks. Resistance agents know that this led directly to a year of victories in the anomaly series of Recursion, Interitus, Helios and Darsana, During these series, many new talented agents emerged, refueling our will to win and bringing new attributes, attitudes and skills. For these agents, a new global operation was required. 

On the ground, the new generation was churning its feet controlling cities, making fields and winning cells around the world week in and week out. For many though, they had missed the chance to be part of something bigger. It needed to be something new. It needed to be theirs. This operation is our response.  We gave them the opportunity to make them feel part of something.  Something big all making us very close, no matter the physical distance.

Why Unight16? We were doing an exponentially more complex project and it seemed fitting that the name double in size as well.

New agents were at the heart of the planning and execution of this night of resistance action. The next generation were involved in organizing the record breaking farms, planning and making city fields, and most importantly in the background running Intel. #intelisnotacrime  

+Laurent Bartholomé  took on the challenge of assembling a team of agents passionate enough and crazy enough to attempt a global challenge beyond what was expected. Later joined by Vicki Ellen, p. little, Anne Miles, a simple concept was devised. Instead of a link around the world, we would focus on a tiered structure of p8 creation, city fields and then larger fields to gain massive mu. A date was set, and reset. New alliances were formed. Immense logistical challenges were overcome. New communities and countries fielded their cities for the first time, new intel operators assisted agents halfway around the globe to win checkpoints and plan elegant strategies.  It was impressive to see BAFs going up for the first time ever in many regions.

The networks expanded. Reaching out and explaining the concept wasn’t too hard, we just had to know who to reach out to in some places.  Some were harder due to cultural/language barriers, which were  eased by finding midpoint contacts to manage it.  Slowly, such midpoints became regional resources and made everything easier, as we had to know what resources were needed for which reason. In this way our network and reach grew exponentially.

Another challenge was to reach out to the new generation. We're used to doing business with the same people and had to set aside habits to find new allies. We had to convince them that  the impossible happened once before and they could make it happen again. Many took up the challenge.

Remember, be the change you want to see in the world.

So proud to be resisting, of all of you, it happened and it was beautiful.
With this operation we have seen another giant leap in the Resistance cohesion, passion and will to win. It’s going to be a good year. This is our foundation. Upon this experience of teamwork and effort we will launch our future. 

Inadvertently, we united more than Resistance, giving some ENL a legitimate reason to go out, have fun, cooperate...see Jeana Steinborn, who mentioned that we even unight-ed some enl, giving them a cause that wasn’t worthless ; a renewal that could give us worthy opposition and challenge. This was presented  all good sportmanship - not the usual simply anti-RES stuff. We look forward to seeing the fruition of this.

What I did personally :

-Coordinated at global scale with +Vicki Ellen  +Anne Miles  +p. little 
-Following on matters with +Lisa Borel 
-Coordinated Canada’s activities with +Adam Hoang  and +Anne Miles  #crazycanucks  
-Assisted in Latin America coordination with +Iris Garcia  and +Moises Diaz 
-Offered my counseiling in Turkey with +Pelin Öztürk 
-Arranged the lane through the province of Quebec and part of Ontario 
-Constantly reached out for status and motivated in harder to reach places
-Got involved in a 2nd op to crash Intel, after #UrsaMajor  
-Finish my Grand Marnier, Bacardi 151, Flor de Caña 12 + open the An Cnoc 12 and the Hennessy VSOP
-Used 6 different [REDACTED]
-Supervised [REDACTED] that traveled at least 100 000 km over 11 countries
-Got my coin licked.
-Had a blast
-Slept...hmm...who cares?
-No DQ were visited, they are closed for winter...

I would like to thanks anybody involved in #unight8   because that op opened the doors to the global ingress universe to me and what followed.  Thank you for that opportunity +Patrice Racine  +Chris Routh  +Ruth Shepherd  +Vincent R.  +Jens Spaniel   & +Tzafrir Rehan 

shouts to +[redacted] fellow fielders and partners, +Soliman Abdallah  +José Antonio Rey  +Tomas Riveros  +Gustavo Yasuda  +Adriána Perkele  +Peter Gordts  +Kavern Chan  +Julia Haug  +Nihal Mirpuri  +Rahul Ashok  +Anton Khudozhnik  +Rohit Saxena  +Juan David Rodriguez  my locals and many more.

A word from +Laurent Bartholomé  “I thank every single coordinator. Every single operator, because #intelisnotacrime   and, above all else every single agent who was involved in this operation.

Not every single one could succeed his own personal purpose. Some other lost guardians or other personal purpose. But here is a aim I'm happy that could be brought through borders, through cultures, through personality and through personal ideals. 

I thank YOU AALLLL for your faith and dedication into this one. 

Here’s the link for the sitreps compilation : (Thanks a lot +Ary no Sennokawa)
North American Fields animation :

+Ingress +Joe Philley +Brian Rose +Susanna Moyer +Anne Beuttenmüller +Brandon Badger +John Hanke 
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Laser pops a whole row of balloons!!
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Wie schnell ein Jahr vergeht: die Ingress Kochstunde mit Spätzle auf Blaukraut hat sich gejährt - #ISAB.
Und selbst habe ich bei der Kochstunde viel gelernt, z. B. dass man selbst bei nur vermeintlichen Erfolgsaussichten von 20 % noch 80 % Erfolg haben kann und dass viele Köche dann erst recht alles geben, um das Unmögliche möglich zu machen.
Danke nochmal an alle, die nicht aufgegeben haben und bis in den frühen Morgen mich überzeugt haben, das Ding durchzuziehen. Lehre: Man sollte die Kraft der Gruppe nicht unterschätzen und nie zu früh aufgeben.
Und Danke nochmal an +Christian Genge​ für das tolle Video. Das macht auch heute noch Gänsehaut.
#Ingress #Resistance
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