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Jens “Mr. Grok'n'Roll” Reineking
Helping others grow and learn.
Helping others grow and learn.

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Tokens in Hangouts
Sorry if this has been discussed before, but I couldn't find it.

I'm thinking about trying FATE hangout. 
I have ideas how to handle aspects (Draw app and/or FATE Roller) and how to show maps (Manycam).
What I've got no idea for so far - besides taking notes - is how to quickly use FATE tokens so that people can actually see what's going on with them.

Any suggestions?

Bonus question: Same for on-screen handling of stress tracks.


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A few reasons not to be scared of sharks.
Das tödlichste Tier der Welt? Man kann drauf kommen.

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We're doing it again - the first Geekend Hangout in ages.
This is where you can watch.
Want to participate? Write to me directly.
"Zoom and enhance." "Scan for alien life forms." "Let's overload this sentient computer by doing illogical things."
From crime shows to SF, there's a lot of tech tropes around that just don't make any sense. And we'll discuss them all! (Or as many as we can in about an hour.)

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New Vlog: Grokking Life - Needs and Wants?

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My first video in, well, like, forever.
It's about #Sense8.

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A gripping peace about the our future with surveillance and automation.

Are me and my learners the only ones who cannot login to their classroom after the Christmas maintenance? After nearly a week without access (maintenance plus problems), I got a lot of (understandably) angry learners at my hands.
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