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Sitrep „Kassel – Operation Dark Blue“ – A true inter-regional #ingress event

Kassel, 2013-08-18

“The situation is desperate. We are seriously outnumbered and outgunned. We need backup!” came the desperate cry for help from the local Kassel Ingress resistance.

A short look on the intel map confirmed that statement. Kassel is in the firm grip of the Enlightened. The average lifetime of a Resistance-controlled portal in Kassel is maybe an hour, 6 hours tops – but it isn’t unusual for a portal to be taken back within a matter of minutes. Resistance agents even claimed having nightmares from being forced to sleep under a green sky for months.

The Enlightened even approached one of the lead Resistance agents, trying to convince him to consider a faction change. “The smurfs here ain’t nothing gonna get done anyway” and “the Resistance seriously lacks communication” were their statements. That was the moment when the decision was made: Enough is enough; we need to send a real message to those frogs. We aren’t helpless, and you shouldn’t underestimate us.

Local agents KasselOne and ChrisLeeman started an invite for an event in Kassel, to make the city a friendly blue for the first time in ages.

The date for the event came closer, but it wasn’t clear if really at least 8 level 8 agents would be available, for building level 8 portals. But when the time of the meeting came, sighs of relief went around, as 13 agents showed up, 10 of them level 8. Local agents KasselOne (L8), ChrisLeeman (L8), derChef85 (L8), Arkonon (L7) and dieMaus (L7) were joined by the Göttinger agent city (L8), the Hamburger agent injured (L8), Ratzeburger agent Labskausmitei (L8), the Oldenburger agents macerick85 (L8) and Pressehutze (L7) as well as the Lippstädter agents sixpence (L8), ramset (L8) and myself (HausbootJoho, L8, as well from Lippstadt).

We started from the city center, with a very dense portal population, and the first couple of bursters really put a drain on the XM. Zaps of 4000+ were the norm. But after we had started taking down the first portals, things got easier, and we proceeded to rebuild the portals in a very “angry” (as one agent put it) way: Between the 13 of us, there was an abundance of Force Amps and Turrets, and the frogs really should have to work to reconquer our portals.

From the city center, we went south, and unluckily, it started to rain right then quite heavily, but we weren’t put off by that, we COULDN’T be put off by it, as we had a mission to fulfill.

After an hour, the Enlightened showed the first resistance (pun totally intended), as they tried to recapture the portals in the city center. But with the recent changes in key drops, nearly everyone had keys of those portals, the need for XM to destroy and deploy wasn’t as bad anymore – so we started to recharge hard with the XM we gathered while moving slowly from portal to portal. We could feel the frustration emanating from the frogs, as they started to flip portals with JARVIS weapons, as they were unable to do any real damage.

But with the very active and dedicated Kasseler Enlightened community, we had expected more, maybe a mad rush of agents to the city center, but apart from a couple of portals flipped with JARVIS and maybe 15 portals re-taken, it was astoundingly quiet, in person as well as in the Comm.

After a much needed dinner break around six, our group was a bit decimated, as people needed to leave, and we were only able to build level 7 portals from then on, as we lacked the eighth L8 agent to finish building the portals.

We continued our waltz through the city for another two hours, and after that, the city was a whole lot bluer than it had been around noon.

When we broke the party up at around 9 PM, the totals for the day were:
- Seven hours of playing time
- Around 90 portals captured, about 20 of them twice.
- Walked about 12-15km (no one really tracked, unfortunately)
- 240k of AP for one L7 player (no numbers for the other L7 players)
- Lots of battery drain
- Tons of fun by playing and meeting new people who share an uncommon hobby

Lessons learned for the next event:
- Other agents are really easy to recognize, even if you don’t know them (The battery pack is a dead give-away)
- There are probably more people showing up than expected
- A collapsible umbrella should be in every Ingress playing bag
- Bring snacks and drinks, as there is no guarantee that the mob will stop for something to eat, or that shops will be open
- A posted timetable in advance would really help in planning the day
- People will probably be able to spent much more time than anticipated
- The item limit is definitely too low
- Such an event is mostly item neutral – you expend as many items as you gain from hacking

We had a lot of fun doing the event, and you could really see the grim satisfaction in the faces of the local agents, as the Enlightened got a taste of their own medicine.

Now it just will have to be seen if this really marks a turn in the tide, or if it was just a brief intermezzo.

The future of Kassel lies in our hands – join the Resistance, and help us to keep the green flood at bay!

Resistance Agent
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I liked the green better but nice work anyway. :)
It was a great event! Thanks to all agents who joined us! 
"green" didn't need to resist the blue portals and manage the outlay - just because resistance is futile :)
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