happy birthday to me! ...

it was my #googleplus #birthday a couple of days ago and i missed it ... on the 6th of august 2011 i wrote my first post ... now, one year, 1061 posts and 6555 followers later, i can honestly say, that G+ has changed my life ...

i wrote a lengthy post, a huge summary of my history at G+, thanking all those who've made my time here special, then i clicked the wrong button and it was all gone! ... thank god, some of you will say, who were dreading another one of my 5.000 character master pieces ... well, i really don't feel like writing that monster again, so thank you to all of my followers, especially (but not only) to the people in this shared circle ... they are not many as shared circles go, but these are all engagers ... they make my day every day ... you could do worse than adding them to your circles and re-sharing the post ...

i'm looking forward to many more years with you guys here on G+! ...

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Happy Google Plus birthday :-)
I hope we will keep you in here forever :-) 
Happy G+ birthday to you! I'm glad I've met you, Jens ~ I love learning from you!
Weird, I don't get notification about being shared in circles anymore. So I have to go to +CircleCount to actually find such shares and say thank you. :)
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