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Another one bites the dust

I couldn't have said it any better than my G+mate +Mark Traphagen​:

Tsu Shut Down

I hate "I told you so" posts, so please know I'm hating myself right now ;-) I told you so.

Pyramid schemes are never sustainable long term business models (and please save your explanations of how Tsu was "not" a pyramid scheme). But when your scheme is to turn regular social media users into annoying spammers, your ultimate doom is really sealed.

May the Plus be with you,
+Jens Graikowski

Tsu Shut Down

I hate "I told you so" posts, so please know I'm hating myself right now ;-) I told you so.

Pyramid schemes are never sustainable long term business models (and please save your explanations of how Tsu was "not" a pyramid scheme). But when your scheme is to turn regular social media users into annoying spammers, your ultimate doom is really sealed.
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Though I don't like it, I'm afraid I have to agree, +Julian Davies​. The 180° turn from "G+ is going to be the central hub of all major Google products" to "let's rip everything apart and make it all separate apps" doesn't look good for G+. And it seems to have quite a few negative effects too. Quite a few of the old hands (including me) here have been noticing a decline in interaction. People seem to lose interest in the platform. Oh well. All empires fall in the end. :-/
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Who will you vote for?
Let's run our very own unofficial presidential election.

The US election is still months away, but is already occupying politically interested mind all over the world. Who will you vote for? Will you vote at all? Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are the obvious front runners but if I understand the US voting system correctly you can "write in" anyone you like. And there are still other candidates around. Do they have a chance?

I would like to ask ONLY the US CITIZENS amongst my followers to participate in this poll! Anything else would just lead to a false result.

May the Plus be with you,
+Jens Graikowski

#usa #election2016 #election #elections #hillaryclinton #donaldtrump #jillstein #garyjohnson #hillaryforpresident #trumpforpresident #steinforpresident #johnsonforpresident 
269 votes  -  votes visible to Public
Hillary Clinton
Donald Trump
Jill Stein
Gary Johnson
Another candidate or I won't vote
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no stop Hillary shall not win
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How I would love to try this. I would probably soil my pants but I'd love to try it nevertheless. 😃

H/t: +RULRO.
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that looks crazt +Jens Graikowski but i would like to try it
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Ummm, yes I have a question ...
WTF is going on in the world? The British vote to get out of the EU which will most likely have disastrous effects. The Spanish select the same corrupt government again that has been robbing and conning them for years and the Republicans in the US choose Donald Trump as their candidate for the presidential elections. He might even become president. Has the whole world gone mad?

Ähmm, ja ich hätte da mal eine Frage ...
Was zum Geier ist mit der Welt los? Die Briten stimmen für einen Austritt aus der EU, was wahrscheinlich katastrophale Folgen haben wird. Die Spanier wählen die gleiche korrupte Regierung wieder, die sie seit Jahren beraubt und betrogen hat und die US Republikaner machen Donald Trump zu ihrem Präsidentschaftskandidaten. Vielleicht wird er sogar Präsident. Ist die ganze Welt verrückt geworden?

Ummm, sí tengo una pregunta ...
¿Que, coño está pasando en el mundo? Los británicos votan para salir de la UE que lo más probable va a tener efectos desastrosos. Los españoles votan de nuevo para el mismo gobierno corrupto que ha estado robando y engañando a ellos durante años y los republicanos en los EE.UU. eligen Donald Trump como su candidato para las elecciones presidenciales. Incluso podría llegar a ser presidente. Se ha vuelto loco todo el mundo?
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Lol, +Eli Fennell​​. That was meant as a friendly gibe at you (note the emojis) 😉

And f***! You made me look up misogyny. 😒
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High end mobile VR
There are two factors that are imperative to the success of VR. Price and mobility.

When it comes to the future of #VirtualReality I'm betting heavily on those sets that work with our mobile phones. They fulfil both factors mentioned above. Because they use the tech of the phones we already own they're very affordable and because they're not tethered to any computer or game console they're extremely mobile. #Google's #Daydream platform will probably become my favourite, but +Mike Elgan​ mentions a few other platforms in this article that also seem worth looking into, though most don't work with mobile phones, but have their own tech.

The big advantage of not using your phone for #VR is of course the quality. Higher screen resolutions, better sensors to reduce latency and more powerful processors allow for more immersive VR experiences. The downside is going to be the price. I'm guessing €600 and upwards will be the price range for those devices at the beginning. Time will tell if that will find its way into the mass market.

May the Plus be with you,
+Jens Graikowski

#E3 #electronicentertainmentexpo #playstationvr #VoidRapture #StarbreezeStarVR #OculusRift #HTCVive #ZeissVROnePlus #Alienware #AlphaR2 #Immerex #VRG9020
High-end mobile VR is virtually here

(Read my column: )

Wheeeee! You're riding a flying unicorn down a magic rainbow while kittens and cupcakes rain from the sky. It's all so real.

Then, suddenly, everything goes black as you mindlessly take the final step in your living room to pull the cable from your virtual reality headset.

There's a virtual elephant in the living room, and here it is: High-quality virtual reality is going to be literally held back by the need to tether to a console.

Last week's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles offered new ideas (and old) to solve the catastrophic VR tethering problem.

High-end mobile and tether-free VR is coming. Here's what's going on:

#VR #VirtualReality
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Duo has arrived!
Finally, after its introduction at the last Google I/O, the video calling app is here.

Some interesting features and impressive tech behind the scenes should make this app a success for Google. It's rolling out gradually, but you can already pre-register at the Google Play Store ( ) to get notified when it'll be available for your device.

May the Plus be with you,
+Jens Graikowski

#Google #duo #videocall 
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Hey +Jens Graikowski​ we should Duo (that just sounds WEIRD). Flick me a DM with your mobile/cell number :-)
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+Jacob Champ its stupid!
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Longbow Finance S.A. will acquire Sauber Holding AG - read the full story >>

#SauberF1Team #JoinOurPassion #Racing #F1  
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Well said!
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Google+ 5th anniversary (28th of June)

One of my oldest G+mates, +Denis Labelle​​​, is asking to write about our most important moments on #GooglePlus and add the hashtag #Gplus5 to celebrate the 5th birthday of this amazing platform. So here we are. The situation this post refers to I will never forget as long as I live and it shows like no other how special the G+ community is.

Enjoy and may the Plus be with you,
+Jens Graikowski​​​
Once upon a time ... (the fairy tale continues)
In a land not that far away (actually pretty close, since it is all around us) called  #GooglePlus there was a poor boy called +Jens Graikowski. I'm sure, you've heard of him before. This boy had the most peculiar adventure, but let me start at the beginning.

Jens had lived in G+ land for quite some time and he was very poor; poor beyond imagination. He only had one car and only one #laptop and only one #PC , can you imagine that? What was even worse, was that everything he had was old, because he'd been out of a job for more than two years. A terrible economic crisis had hit the kingdom and Jens didn't have any money to buy new things. He didn't complain though. He was a frugal and happy young fellow and every day he counted his blessings, for he was guerdoned for his poverty with a wonderful wife and two beautiful and charming daughters. Jens was happy in G+ Land. He was helpful and well liked and thousands of people followed him, but fate was about to deal him a nasty blow.

One day Jens started up his trusty laptop Lappy, when he got a bad fright. Lappy was very sick! "I'm feeling so weak." the laptop said. "I don't know what's wrong with me. I can't seem to concentrate on my work and at the end of the day I just don't seem to be able to turn off. Sometimes my touch pad stops working or I just crash all together." and though Lappy partly recovered for a short time, after another couple of months he finally succumbed to his ailments.

That was a sad day for Jens, for he had loved his laptop very much for it had been his line to the community of G+ and all his friends there. He wrote a quick note on his old home office PC (an ancient machine that was not fast enough to live up to the challenges a busy live in G+ Land presented) to let his followers know that his time with them was at an end. He then went for a walk in the magic forest where the elves lived to be alone with his grief.

While he walked along a narrow trail through the forest a peculiar figure appeared before him. It was an elder lady, but she was only about one foot tall, translucent and she had tiny little wings like a dragon fly which she used to hover silently right in front of Jens's nose.
"What brings you to my forest with such a long face?" she asked and looked at Jens disapprovingly. "No creature is allowed to be that sad in my kingdom".
Jens looked at her with little interest. He had never seen such a funny looking little woman before, but his sorrow occupied his mind completely and left no space for tiny, see-through ladies. Nevertheless Jens was a well mannered young man and his mother had taught him to answer when he was asked a question by his elders.
"My laptop has died" he said "and I have no way to participate in the rich and satisfying life of the G+ community." He sadly shook his head. "I will wither away and die an unhappy and lonely man."

"Nonsense" the hovering apparition replied. "Don't underestimate the power of G+!" I am the fairy G+ godmother and I will never abandon any of my children. You have been a helpful and worthy member of the #community . Whenever a goobie (that is what the google newbies were called in the realm of the google elves and dwarves) needed advise, you were there for them. You enriched many a thread with your witty and knowledgeable comments. Whenever somebody needed a good cause shared, you did it and my elves love the way you contribute to discussions in a civilised and intelligent manner, even when you happen to disagree with the other side. For all your effort I'll grant you three wishes. What will you wish for?"

"Oh, dear fairy G+ godmother" Jens said with hope suddenly filling his heart until it felt like bursting. "I don't wish for much. I am reasonably healthy and I have a wonderful family. My daughters are the joy of my life and my wife is a lovely, caring and hard working woman. I only wish for me being able to join in the community life of G+ again. Three wishes you say? Well, here they are." And, summoning all his courage, he told the fairy G+ godmother his three wishes.
"I'd like a new laptop, so I can work on my posts again and fill people's life with joy writing my How I ... posts (  #jghowi ) and letting them partake in my Virtual Trip Down Historic Route 66#jgroute66 ). I'd also like a RAM update for my old home office PC, so that I can keep on contributing to G+, even when the laptop falls ill for a day or two and my last wish would be an android phone, so I can stay in contact with my G+ friends, even when I'm on the road."
He then ducked down, for he was sure the fairy G+ godmother would strike him with lightning for his impertinence.

Nothing happened. After a while Jens dared to look up again only to find the translucent figure looking down at him. She had her arms crossed over her ample bosom and regarded the shaking boy calmly.
"You don't ask for much, do you?" she asked after a while that seemed to Jens like an eternity. "Well" she continued with a sigh "I did promise and a fairy godmother always keeps her promises. You will have to wait a bit, after all we fairy godmothers are no miracle workers, but I'll send you two of my elves with the goods you asked for. +Dusan Vrban will bring you an Asus eee PC netbook and +James Pakele will send you 4 RAM sticks to speed up your old PC. He'll also send you a Motorola Atrix 4g mobile phone. You will have to wait a bit for that though, for James lives on a long forgotten magical island far away and it will take some time to get the goods over here. Does that meet your requirements?".

Jens looked at the translucent figure suspiciously. He wasn't born yesterday and he knew, that if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.
"What do you want in return" he asked the fairy G+ godmother. "I am poor and have nothing to give you and you can't have my first born!"
"I think you are mixing up fairy tale characters here, my boy." the hovering mystical creature chided him mildly. "We fairy godmothers don't take first borns. I don't want anything, but for you to carry on with your tireless work and to bring joy to the people who read your posts. Be a worthy member of the G+ community, is all that I ask of you."
"That is easily promised, for this is what I like doing anyway." replied Jens and getting bold by his success he added "But I'll also need help with unlocking and setting up my Motorola. I'm only a poor boy and don't know anything about these magical things."
The fairy G+ godmother inhaled sharply, but she answered "Well, we've come this far, we might as well finish the job off properly. I'll send my dwarves +Daniel Navarro+Luke Psaila and +Adrian Chapmanlaw to assist you with the phone."

They left it at that and Jens left the enchanted forest with a much more hopeful stride than when he'd entered it. It happened as the fairy G+ godmother had promised. After less than a week the Asus netbook arrived from +Dusan Vrban and a couple of weeks later the 4 RAM sticks with 2Gb each and the Motorola Atrix 4g from the far away forgotten island where the elf +James Pakele lived. The three dwarves set to work and helped Jens to rapidly unlock the phone and set it up just to his liking and Jens lived with his netbook, his speedy computer and his mobile phone happily ever after.

The End.


And again this is not a fairy tale. It's the truth and nothing but the truth. It happened just the way I described it (Well, I'm not a 100% sure about the fairy G+ godmother). I don't care, if I'm boring people to death by repeating it over and over again. This community is something else! Try and find that kind of attitude towards complete strangers on the other large social network! My eternal gratitude goes out to +Dusan Vrban, +James Pakele+Johnny Johnsen (who also offered to send me his sons computer), +Daniel Navarro, +Luke Psaila, +Adrian Chapmanlaw and many, many others who have supported me with gifts, much needed advise and kind words. This post has one purpose only. To show what wonderful people there are in this community. To show that some people go that extra step to help a mate in need.

Please share this post! Let the whole world know how special G+ is! We can be rightfully proud of who we are, because we are what makes this community special. I would love this to make it into the What's hot stream but I know it's a fat chance that's going to happen. Well, I've done all I can. It's down to you guys now.

+Jens Graikowski.

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If you'd like to be notified about my G+ and Cream of the Crop posts, please let me know in a comment! Also read . If, on the other hand, you are already receiving these notifications and would rather not anymore, please let me know in a PM (no questions asked).
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Same to you guys! 👍😉
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We only went for drinks at the restaurant. The staff is friendly and the view out to sea is beautiful. The whole resort looks a bit plain though. The restaurant is right next to the pool which is nice, but nothing to write home about.
Public - 2 months ago
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I wish I could say a bit more about Cardiff Castle, but I never got in. Last admittance was at 5 pm and I got there 5 minutes late. That was a bit disappointing, since I walked more than 3 miles to get to the place. I asked the "gentleman" at the entry, if I could at least take a picture of the Norman castle, which he denied. To take the photograph I'd have only had to walk 5 meter through the still open gate (the gate is open until 6 pm), but the guy was not about to give me permission even for that. This whole affair took place on my last day of my stay in Cardiff, which prevented me from giving it another try. I'm sure it's a nice place, but until I actually get into it I won't be able to confirm that. In my experience the service is extremely poor and unfriendly (though I only had contact with the bureaucrat at the gate and that was more than enough). I might change this review at a later date, once I get to visit Cardiff again and am admitted entrance to the castle by his majesty the gate keeper, but until then my ranking will have to stand as it is (it's a shame there is no "Extremely poor" for "Service"). I also find the admission price a bit steep. Update: I finally managed to see the castle and I have to say, it's worth every penny of the admission price! It's magnificent! I also did the guided tour which is an absolute must. The gentleman who did it (I'm sorry, I forgot his name), was extremely knowledgeable and made the tour fun and interesting. It's almost impossible to believe that this was once private property built for the then richest man in the world. This castle is an absolute must-see when in Cardiff. I know already, that I'll go and see it again next time I'm there.
• • •
Public - 5 months ago
reviewed 5 months ago
Wenn man gerne mal typisch kanarisch essen gehen möchte ist man hier genau richtig. Hausmannskost, aber nett angerichtet, großzügige Portionen und zu einen fantastischen Preis. Während ich fast immer den Pulpo (Tintenfisch) esse, kann man eigentlich jedes Gericht empfehlen. Ganz lecker auch die Costillas con Piñas (gekochte Rippchen mit Maiskolben). Rustikale Atmosphäre, lecker Essen, guter Preis. Was will man mehr?
Public - a year ago
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20 reviews
According to the website there is supposed to be a workshop, exhibitions and all kinds of stuff. When I went to see the place on the 9th of April 2013 it looked closed. It was all locked up and glances through the windows revealed empty rooms. The website hasn't had any new entries since October 2012, so I guess we can presume that the place doesn't exist any more. There is still the graffiti wall in Haileys park (directly behind the premises) that is worth a visit though.
• • •
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Hier stimmt einfach alles. Oder fast. Ich würde mir wünschen, daß dieses exzellente Restaurant in einer besseren Lage wäre. Irgendwas mit einer schönen Aussicht, zum Beispiel. Aber ansonsten ist hier alles perfekt. Was mich an der Tasca am meisten begeistert, ist das ungewöhnliche Essen. Hier bekomme ich Köstlichkeiten aufgetischt, die ich noch nirgendwo anders gegessen habe. Bananenomelett, mit Speck, Käse und Pilzen gefülltes Brot, weiße Schokoladensuppe und vieles mehr. Wirklich etwas besonderes. Der Service ist professionell und freundlich und das Preis-Leistungs Verhältnis stimmt. Was will man mehr?
• • •
Public - 10 months ago
reviewed 10 months ago
This restaurant has it all. Great service and food and a wonderful atmosphere. We like to sit in the patio which is partly roofed, partly open to the skies (wonderful for a warm summer night). The food is excellent, especially the fresh fish.
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago