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Jens Buch commented on a video on YouTube.
You guys have an awesome product that is good enough to not have to copy apple's approach to product presentation. Go your own style...

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Are websites in Luxembourg starting to move from 'eye-candy' to 'revenue generators'? Could be

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How hard can it be for other countries around the work to also do this? It just makes perfect sense and creates a true win-win.
Missed the Hangout with President Obama? Check out the full video here and let us know what you thought.

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Great graph - I really think we will see more +Android devices gaining market a loyal apple user, I am seriously considering a +Samsung Mobile  like the Galaxy S3 - I just seems to be a better product than the iphone 5. 
There are many ways to skin the "who's winning in mobile" cat. Market share. Handsets. Operating systems. Smart phones vs lame phones. Etc., Etc.

My favorite one is.... Profits!  The one thing that will make sure the company stays a, as I learned in my accounting class, going concern.

2012 Mobile Profits Leaderboard

1: Apple         (2007: 6)
2: Samsung   (2007: 3)
3: HTC          (2007: 7)
4: LG            (2007: 5)
5: Sony        (2007: 2)
6: Motorola   (2007: 8)
7: RIM          (2007: 4)
8: Nokia       (2007: 1)

There are many things to worry about for Nokia. The most worrisome one is in the graph below.

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