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Pretty sad reading. Some quotes

a general feeling among Web developers that Safari is lagging behind the other browsers

Even when Apple does implement newer APIs, it often does it halfheartedly

Now, after one year, Apple has fixed a whopping two bugs in IndexedDB

the emerging features of the Web platform—offline storage, push notifications, and “installable” webapps—have been notably absent on Safari

#technology   #web   #apple   #safari   #browser   #laggingBehind  
If devs build a modern Web app ecosystem sans Safari, maybe Apple can move beyond 2010.
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Jens Ansorg

Amazing places  - 
The road towards the mountains

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Jens Ansorg

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Magnifique! :)
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Jens Ansorg

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Draußen vom Walde komm ich her und muss euch sagen es weihnachted sehr!

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Jens Ansorg

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New version, almost missed that one. downlaoding ...
Hi guys, here we have our first release of the new year, v3.5.3 which allows me to give you all a belated happy new year :).  Anyway, as per usual, download and let me know of any issues discovered with the installer.

Release 3.5.3

Released 20 January 2015.

* Support removed for Windows 95, 98, and ME.
* Lexers added for Motorola S-Record files, Intel hex files, and Tektronix extended hex files with folding for Intel hex files. Feature #1091. Feature #1093. Feature #1095. Feature #1096.
* C++ folder allows folding on square brackets '['. Feature #1087.
* Shell lexer fixes three issues with here-documents. Bug #1672.
* Verilog lexer highlights doc comment keywords; has separate styles for input, output, and inout ports (lexer.verilog.portstyling); fixes a bug in highlighting numbers; can treat upper-case identifiers as keywords (lexer.verilog.allupperkeywords); and can use different styles for code that is inactive due to preprocessor commands (lexer.verilog.track.preprocessor, lexer.verilog.update.preprocessor).
* When the calltip window is taller than the Scintilla window, leave it in a position that avoids overlapping the Scintilla text.
* When a text margin is displayed, for annotation lines, use the background colour of the base line.
* On Windows GDI, assume font names are encoded in UTF-8. This matches the Direct2D code path.
* Fix paste for GTK+ on OS X. Bug #1677.
* Reverted a fix on Qt where Qt 5.3 has returned to the behaviour of 4.x. Bug #1575.
* When the mouse is on the line between margin and text changed to treat as within text. This makes the PLAT_CURSES character cell platform work better.
* Fix a crash in SciTE when the command line is just "-close:". Bug #1675.
* Fix unexpected dialog in SciTE on Windows when the command line has a quoted filename then ends with a space. Bug #1673.
* On Windows and GTK+, use indicators for inline IME.
* SciTE shuts down quicker when there is no user-written OnClose function and no directors are attached.
Free SciTE text editor with extras. SciTE is an advanced text/code editor with folding, contextual color-coding, bracket matching and much, much more. It loads almost instantly and is very stable.
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Interesting, thanks +Torsten Auhorn But does not fit my needs as I have enough IDEs, I need a small, fast editor that I can invoce quickly on any file

Atom vs. SciTE 
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Jens Ansorg

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Letzte nacht war feucht und kalt: eine frische Schicht Weiß über allem.

Ob es die Sonne heute noch durch den Nebel schafft? 
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Jens Ansorg

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re-share in die Sammlung
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Jens Ansorg

Amazing places  - 
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Jens Ansorg

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Kleiner Ausflug am heutigen Sonntag

Am  heutigen? Wer findet den Fehler?
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wieder SEHR schön! :) Meine Frau meinte Du müßtest Kurtaxe zahlen ;)
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Jens Ansorg

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Help please, Anybody?

Who came up with that stupid jsonP callback anyways? This global callback function sucks - compared to proper XmlHttpRequest handling :-(
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Jens Ansorg

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Das Internet ist in Gefahr . Das EU-Parlament hatte mit großer Mehrheit erst im April 2014 beschlossen, strenge Regeln zur Netzneutralität zu schaffen. Doch die Bundesregierung setzt sich aktuell im EU-Rat dafür ein, diese Entscheidung aufzuheben. Angela Merkel hat sich gerade bei Vodafone dafür ausgesprochen, das Zweiklassen-Netz zu schaffen. Das hätte zur Folge, dass besonders beliebte Dienste im Internet in Zukunft über kostenpflichtige Üb...
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