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I love it! My collection of coastal romance is an #EOFYSale  special at Amazon Australia. Just $1.99. If you're curious about what I write, that's a great price :) 
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A Pine Flower Week is Zen-tranquil in its decisiveness. Chill.

In the cool shade of a pine tree, it’s time to chill. For those of us sneezing our heads off at the pine flowers, inside is nice, too Yay, it’s a Pine Flower Week. I love Pine Flower Weeks because these are Zen-tranquil breaks in life when I suddenly realise that I do NOT have … Continue reading Pine Flower Week

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Recent changes to Kindle Unlimited are making me think about reader engagement. Background in post.

It's not enough to sell our books. Have mountainous TBR piles changed the game? Is the new goal getting readers to actually read our books?
Kindle Unlimited changes will mean that authors have to adapt to new conditions. Getting our books into readers hands is not enough.
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SUMMER KISS The town’s new sheriff is about to fall in love…  99c or free with Kindle Unlimited 

#TeaserTuesday   Yes, I'm late :) 

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New cover for "Kiss Me, Quick" - and a new teaser to showcase it. Keeping it simple :)

Remember your first kiss? Recall the magic with "Kiss Me, Quick"  


Jenny Schwartz

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SUMMER KISS The town’s new sheriff is about to fall in love…  99c or free with Kindle Unlimited 
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SUMMER KISS #NewRelease The town’s new sheriff is about to fall in love…  99c or free with Kindle Unlimited 

#TeaserTuesday   #KindleUnlimited  
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Only a couple of days until our huge party.
Join us on Face Book and win books and prizes.
Great Regency authors will be at the release of The Incomparables; Hot Heroes of Waterloo!  
Releases on 18th June on the 200th Anniversary of the battle of Waterloo.
Join the release party for the Incomparables: Heroes of Waterloo Cerise DeLand, Sabrina York, Dominique Eastwick, Suzi Love, Suzanna Medeiros and Lynne Connolly. POSTS. News Feed. Aleen Davis. 12 mins · Longview, TX, United States ·. Thanks for the invite Suzi!
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In a Pincushion Hakea Week, the motto is: Be Prepared

A Pincushion Hakea Week is all about preparation. Do any of you carry sewing kits in your handbag? Nope? How about when you go on holidays? A broken zip is no joke when you’re at a conference (been there, done that, was incredibly grateful for the safety pin in my purse). Now, forget actual sewing … Continue reading Pincushion Hakea Week

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Time to spring clean (so to speak) in a Callistemon Week


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Photo of the Day: "I wanted a complete, iconic definition of cormorant fishing," writes #YourShot member Abderazak Tissoukai of this image taken in China's Guanxi region. #photography 
A man fishes with cormorants on China’s Li River in this National Geographic Photo of the Day from our Your Shot community.
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It's a Pomegranate Week 

A Hopeful Romantic

Jenny Schwartz is an Australian contemporary romance author.

Contemporary Romance is dramatic. It deals with powerful emotions and massive problems. It is ordinary people struggling, striving, dreaming, hoping and triumphing -- that's the key! There's a guaranteed happy ending. Life gets insanely complicated, but Contemporary Romance says "keep hoping, keep fighting" because love is stronger than all the chaos.

Jenny has a degree in Sociology and History -- people watching and digging into the past. Her dream is to live beside the sea and her books often have a coastal setting, the stories celebrating the joy of falling in love and the freedom of choosing to follow your heart.

Contact Jenny via her website:

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Kiss It Better - Quarter Life Crisis Romance - New Adult, All Grown up - is out Oct 2014
Contemporary Romance Author
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Come and Visit Fremantle, Australia

Everyone, please welcome today's guest author Jenny Schwartz, coming to us live...well, okay, by televised delay (or the Internet equivalent