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I'm not convinced by this ...
Natural fruit sugars may increase cravings for high-calorie foods, researchers suggest
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"We try and bio-mimic the patterns that nature employs."
The fake landmassessome as large as football fieldshelp foster the growth of pollution-eating microbes.
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The new cover for "Some Days..." seems to have worked a treat (pun intended). It's now number 3 in Books, Religious/Inspirational, Short Stories on  

Some Days … 
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Photo of the Day: In this image by #YourShot member Ciemon Frank Cabelles, the residents of Jellyfish Lake on Eil Malk—one of the Rock Islands of Palau—surround a snorkeler in their midst. #photography
A snorkeler swims among golden jellyfish in Palau’s Jellyfish Lake in this National Geographic Photo of the Day from our Your Shot community.
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Saw this little guy at the end of my walk, today. He looked drunk on paperbark flower nectar. 
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Join a completely different traffic queue. We’re looking for a shepherd at Hafod y Llan farm in the foothills of Snowdon:
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Have her in circles
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A Runaway Cinderella returns home – RAN FROM HIM   only 99c or free on Kindle Unlimited 

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Millionaire romance, RAN FROM HIM, 99c or free on Kindle Unlimited 
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Jenny Schwartz

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Millionaire romance, RAN FROM HIM, 99c or free on Kindle Unlimited 

#kindleunlimited   #contemporaryromance  
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"When something like cognition becomes the framework that the visuals have to hang off of, then that behavior is absolutely critical to the story telling," says senior editor Kathy Moran. Hear how she and photographer Brian Skerry tackled the difficult task of conveying dolphin intelligence for the May issue of National Geographic magazine. #NatGeoProof
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A Hopeful Romantic

Jenny Schwartz is an Australian contemporary romance author.

Contemporary Romance is dramatic. It deals with powerful emotions and massive problems. It is ordinary people struggling, striving, dreaming, hoping and triumphing -- that's the key! There's a guaranteed happy ending. Life gets insanely complicated, but Contemporary Romance says "keep hoping, keep fighting" because love is stronger than all the chaos.

Jenny has a degree in Sociology and History -- people watching and digging into the past. Her dream is to live beside the sea and her books often have a coastal setting, the stories celebrating the joy of falling in love and the freedom of choosing to follow your heart.

Contact Jenny via her website:

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Kiss It Better - Quarter Life Crisis Romance - New Adult, All Grown up - is out Oct 2014
Contemporary Romance Author
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Everyone, please welcome today's guest author Jenny Schwartz, coming to us live...well, okay, by televised delay (or the Internet equivalent