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this is a saddle, it is where you seat
Is this in reference to his Republican speech? I haven't heard it, so I'm not in on the joke. :-(
I'm halfway through...the talking to an empty chair thing is weird and creepy...and he's trying to sell Romney as being the anti-war guy? Really?

And of course, they bring him in with a backdrop of him as a cowboy, guns drawn. They LOVE that gun imagery, and really picture themselves as old west cowboys, ready to handle problems with their six shooters.
Here's how it went down.
Clint Eastwood Talks To President Obama

Mr. Eastwood positioned himself on a thin layer of ice there, pulling that stunt.
I am conservative when it comes to radical change in the educational system and liberal when it comes to homosexuality.
Couldn't watch the entirety...felt sorry for Clint. What happened to him, he used to be so cool (at least as an actor).
Yeah...the fact that politics polarises, that isn't new.
But preserving a bit of dignity is I find, one of the key ingredients.
Rob Go
I first read that as something else.
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