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Please re-share to help ID this hit-and-run criminal in Berkeley.

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And here I thought this kind of thing only happened to me on Market Street...
I hope that catch that black Acura.
Through more sleuthing on Twitter, the plate: 3LTK904 turns up a '95 Acura. Emailed BPD with this tip.
Wonder if they'll be charged with a felony....
Hmmm - could be a false lead. There's a number of subsequent plates that are also '95 Acuras, unless they're all from a dealership.
horrible. I ride up that way almost every time.
With this tape, the police should be able to nab them. Hope the don't drop the soap!
I hate these cowards that go around endangering others' lives then are too scared to even apologise >:(
Someone in my office said they saw this video on SF Gate. So I guess it's getting some airplay. I am looking forward to some good news that the Berkeley PD have the culprit behind bars.
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