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Look! It's an R2D2 swimsuit. The pool at gaming cons will never be the same again.

And yes, there's a C-3P0 version too.
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If Blackmilk stuff weren't so pricey, I would have so much of it. >_>
awesome.  Was about to get one for my wife then I noticed the price tag  Yike!!
Jo Yo
Small price to pay for awesome.
Those are pretty standard prices for "quality" swimsuits. In this case, I'm sure a pile of that money goes back to whomever handles the licensing for LucasArts.
Oh I am sure they are worth it, just not prepared to pay that much for a novelty lol
+Glenn Barres I guess that is what I am saying: $120 or higher is standard for swimwear (women's clothes just cost more, on average, than similar men's clothes). In fact, it is a little on the low side.

The fact that these are as cheap as they are indicates they might be more novelty than quality, as you suggest.
+John Verne Not sure where you're getting your numbers from; my quality swimsuits generally cost in the $50-$60 range.
+Amber Yust I'm assuming that $100 is the median, and the  bell-curve flows from that, depending on time of year, locale, and what you define a "$" as (I'm in Canada, for example.) So, maybe slightly more to pay LucasArts/Disney for the privilege, as I agreed was a possibility in another thread.

Not to mention that retail is an art more than a science. Prices will vary according to the perceived market.

But $150CDN for a made-in-a-special-economic-zone suit is not unexpected in some middle-class luxury good markets.

Swim suits are one of those things where the price seems inversely proportional to the area of fabric and length of stitching. 
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