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Just when you thought you understood WFTDA roller derby, the rules change!

I am really digging the new rule set. It looks like it should make for some more exciting games to watch. Also, it allows me to put a proper face shield on my helmet. Yay!
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Oh, and it's a lot harder to throw the jammer for points now. They actually have to land upright for it to count. That was probably a good addition too. Remember: safety third!
Oh there's still star passing. Now there's a whole section devoted to it. I'm not sure why they left that out of their change list.
Nevermind, I should have read more of the page before commenting.
As a ref I am very excited about the no-minors rule! I hated that there was never a feedback loop for minors. They just kind accrued w/o the players knowing, and then they get called with no idea why. Still have to read through the book though!
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