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Look: $10 Buckyballs. They're my favorite credit card destroying office toy.

Get 'em while they're legal. And remember, 8 sets can make you a 10x10 cube. >.>
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I LOVE Buckyballs.  I want to get 8 sets of the Buckybigs :)
hmm.. For $10, I'll shut up about Zen Magnets.. :)
+Jenny Murphy If I would have known that I'd like the Buckybigs so much when I got my first set of them, I would have gotten all 8 then.
Looks like a "going out of business sale" to me, bigs are out, 216 ball kits aren't even listed.
lol Blue balls are out of stock.
Just ordered 8. 10x10x10 cube, here I come. :)
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