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Yay! Constrvct is live!

Because the world needs more mini skirts featuring Saturn's E-ring
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Wait, it's cafepress for dresses?
+Rachel Blum They print the full garment and make each item to measure. It's like nerd bespoke or something. (kind of pricey, though)
Let's put it that way - for that price tag, I can have a tailor make it actually fit me. (I can sort-of see the appeal if you need full-garment print, but that's about it)
I wonder if they could do me a cosmic kilt...
Oh man, the ISS timelapse one is awesome too!
Cool, but when you mentioned the Saturn's ring it first reminded me of the rings from the Jetsons comic strips, or other 50's SciFi ;)
That would acually be cool....
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