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I told you all it was coming!  Here's my 8 Tips to Maximize Your Google+ Presence.  You'll be able to put the tips into practice right now!
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This may be a dumb question, but when it says to link your content to your Google profile with that snatch of code on your website, where exactly do you put it?
It depends if you're on WP or blogger.  I'm on WP and I have it on my sidebar in a text box widget.
I'm in blogger.  I tried it as an html gadget, but that didn't work. 
Hi Jenny, I was wondering how did you put that caption in Bold ?  I can seem to find anything that allows that on here or my computer?
+claudia lamascolo It was tip #5 on the list.  Use the asterisk before and after what you want in bold.  * Bold *  ( don't leave any space between the asterisk and the word though).
My goodness, I needed to read this! I'm new to G+, well not new. Just haven't been using it. Thanks for the tips!
I'm new to all this, so thanks for the tips. 
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