I'm thinking of trying something weird and would love the community's feedback... I have a client in penalty because of some crappy affiliate links. Like, really crappy. Major blackhat. We're trying to get the affiliates to cut it out, but it's like whack a mole and there are legal issues with just cutting them off. Here's what I want to do. All the affiliate links point to a certain page that is not the homepage (say /abc). What I want to do is make /abc still function, but as a custom 404 error page with all links on it as nofollows so that customers can still navigate into the site and make purchases. Our plan is to let Google know we are doing it in our reconsideration request - we're not trying to hide it, just send a strong signal that we don't want link credit from these rogue affiliates.1. Will this work, if all visits to the page respond with a 404? 2. Do you think this is shady? By the way, this is a different client than the last one I asked about... we do a lot of this type of work.
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