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This infographic is awesome -- love the email stats!
Next time you pen an email subject line, think twice about the words you're using.
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Interesting, Jenny. For those of us on west coast sending nationally, I've wondered whether it makes sense to send at night for early reading or whether that just puts my email in the middle of the delete button cohort. 
Kind of sad to think about spending 2 1/2 hours a day on email, right? I'm always trying to figure out how to better manage my e-mails. Seems like a never-ending battle!
Jackie -- I'm with you! I'm always trying to figure out how to better-manage too...I fall so behind if I don't email for 1-3 hours each day..but then I just feel like I'm being run by my inbox -- no good!
some answers
- send less emal out
- use cc all sparingly
- reply ONLY if needed and you are adding value
- unsubscribe ruthlessly
-30% of emails should be deleted, 30% read and archive, 30% 1-3 sentence response. 10% more detailed response or action