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Putting together the Geeky-Sexy edition of NaNoWriMo circles. Are you a science, computer, tech geek ready to write your novel or book in November? Comment here to be considered. I'll be cleaning up this circle as we enter into the first days to keep it full of quality, active folks.

Geeky is the new sexy.

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If the monkeys and the typewriters cooperate, I'll be coming along for the ride. Provisional title: Monkeys All the Way Down.
I'm a chemistry teacher and a Nano participant. I consider myself pretty geeky!
+Galen Hussey : Actually, I've never read anything by Terry Pratchett, but I have friends who speak highly of him.
Since I was a kid (and spent 6th and 7th grade writing my own way-too-derivative Tolkien-esque novel) always thought at some point I'd get back to writing fiction, as opposed to the two tech books for computer programmers I've written. This looks interesting!
Can I have more details. I love writing and have a few blogs and I am a developer.
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