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So this is happening in Japan, and it's way more bad-ass than planking. 

"There is a massive internet photo trend brewing amongst youths in Japan right now that involves taking pictures of teens who appear to be releasing invisible energy that sends their peers flying. The photo mania is especially popular amongst schoolgirls who started the trend by uploading images on Twitter and labeling them as "Makankosappo", a reference to a special attack in the popular manga-turned-anime Dragon Ball series."  
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Take 78, we all jump ON 3, ON 3 did you get that Alex??
You just can't remove the Anime from the Japanese! 
very interesting.  The Japanese are so cool and trendy. 
9gag had this last year. Only they weren't Asians. It was at the beach. And it was photoshopped to the next century.
I need to charge my mana.
I have to admit, great idea. Been seeing these photos float around the past few days and live it. Time to do our own!
Rit phone screen will not bang
Rit phone screen will not bang
At least its funny and creative unlike planking
¿How they decide who's the "cool" one doing the move? Of course is popular amongst schoolgirls, is just another way to feel like being the social center.
se vcs olhar bem, essa foto é fake, ela nem quebrou o chão!!!
Bay gyi
The hitting the ground is my wife 
My friends and I would do things like this all the time as kids, and be laughed at. A bunch of Japanese school girls do it, take a photo, and post it on twitter...all of a sudden its cool?! I'm so hurt. ;-)
Now that could be an interesting energy to have :-)
A Long
stand back while i try this
A unique Coin Toss...
i saw one of them from with a boy in middle and girls circling him flying with tag line "Virginity force field activated " and i laughed and laughed and laughed until i got tears in my eyes it looks awesome though.
This is over the top, funny! Jump to the left, no the right, no Mikey I said LEFT!!
Nice effect. You can see how it's done, everyone is jumping towards the main person. 
Hey, this is a damn sight better thought-out idea than planking. Still can't wrap my head around that particular meme...
This is what is wrong with America!  Other come up with stuff like this, we invent ghost-riding the whip.  :-)
Why would it not be real? Why would it be Photoshoped? Its a bunch of kids having fun with photography. Id rather see this instead of them on a street corner doing and selling drugs. 
That's a thing I like to Japanese people. They are generally so much joyful and playful. Happy ;)
Well they sure know how to work it together
Haha! and look at that quantity of unattended handbags. I love Japan.
That's creative. Haven't you seen photos people trying to push the Leaning Tower of Pisa ?
Invisible energy can also mean that energy that seeps out of you when you crop dust. :) I just find it funny. 
That stuff is so fake!!!!!! Get outta here!!!!
John J
John 18:5
Atleast they release their tension from school works
jake M
This looks awesome.
u guys leave such stuff to japanese alone!
I would greatly enjoy to see this in person.
Ah the mandatory over 9000 references are so perfect here
Friend-zone activated 
Jimmy L
It's just beautiful
I punched one guy and thousands of other went flying
Ari R
Anime / manga inspired
I always thought anime would come to life... 
Tracy T
Awesome!!! :) :)
ab saad
you are very action girle
best regards to you
Nicely done, how do they jump, moving forward or backward? 
Good.Let the kids enjoy.they wont enjoy at my age
This photo shows you can do anything with your mind lol
Unfortunately all they are doing is taking a picture of them jumping in unison. Any professional or amateur photographer could tell you that. But I will say, its energy alright put to good use of the legs!! ;-)
Why can't American girls be cool like this?
Phil B
Those Asians always seem to be 1 step ahead of us
Awesome!!!!!! I am moving to Japan
the japanese word is ki. in chinese it's chi. not invisible energy.
Planking is so last year. We have the harem shake now.
Cool, it looks more bad ass than the shake
So cool. This is better than the Harlem Shake...
That's awesome, it looks pretty real!
I must have missed those "badass" plankers.
Er Vin
Japanese girls are always hotter than american ones
Must have played the prototype game for sure
This is soo kool.. very creative thinking.
AMAZING...they are playing OUTSIDE! You don't see that in America! 
are you kidding? I see tons of this in America!  Most people tend to do it on beaches and call it a Hulk Smash.  This is old
that is completely awesome...i need to start a trend now
Badasss!!! Japan kicking our ass! We plank :(
Yeah, that is amazing.
What pic isn't photo shopped these days 
They are jumping towards her as hair is behind them, if they were getting knocked back, hair would be in front of them, so its real, just not like it looks 
They jump forward then snap pic. Not photoshopd. Dumbass
Did you really believe they would jump backwards n be in that position.. Clueless
I'd rather be Taylor Swifting
Maybe they should pile all their purses up on the ground, or at least keep it out of frame...just sayin'
Who said pictures like this is new? Maybe for Japan but I've seen numerous pictures like this.
Siam M
Now we just need to see someone try to go super Saipan and give themselves an embolism
Awesome.. great pictures... very interesting and cool! 
Wtf! This is a craze.... Ffs wise up!
I think it'a pretty cool! I was invited to participate with some Asians in such a photo here in Cape Town :)

I think it is amazing how many peeps synchronized in the above photo..
Who are you?

---------- Forwarded message ----------
What sort of invisible power can toss a human yet have no effect on a blanket and purses? 
hahaha....that's invisible power, amazing!!!!!!
.is she a bender u know like air bender..hahaha.......joking....but its cool
Nice dbz was the best series 
In the Movie Legend of the Fall you can see energy coming out of  Brad Pitt.  A blue flame but I think a special power happens.  
Looks like good clean fun, plus it's great to see a group of kids get together & I see no guns, knifes or drugs.. 
This is so cheesy i threw up a piece of cheese i never ate
I have to concur with +Lance Miller - nice to see young people doing something harmless, fun, creative and which obviously takes some team planning to achieve.
Must be drinking a thug life energy drink or something
That's is super bad ass am going to make one 
Stef S
If only i had these powers for real
Definitely creative. It's cool that so many people are working together for such a small moment. See what we can create when we work together? Now think of the possibilities. 
This would be cool at Comic con
About time.. Makankosappo pictures totally beats out planking.
cool and its kinda like hunterxhunter
It's a good way to release those youth energy.... Go youngsters!
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This in no way shape or form is better than planking. Planking involves a risk of actually getting in trouble. Small trouble at most but still a risk. This is stupid. And the fact that people think its "cool" is a sign of the times. We in fact are becoming mindless sheep. 
Even though I.could never really understand the planning, this is much cooler. Lol

I'm old at mind and heart.
This isn't new... But a revival of technique.
Preparing for more earth quakes?
Those book bags must contain something more powerful than the drop.

Or, it's a fail when they got ready.
What would have added to this would me weapons in their hands.  

Awesome idea for photos though... it's best when you don't have to photoshop.
How is this cool!? You people are ridiculous. 
I'd be scare to go out with these girls, imagine what their brothers can do(lol)
And yes her fart was the biggest and she proved it to them all!!!
Man, that shot had to be difficult to take.  Anyone ever try to get just a couple friend's to jump simultaneously in celebration for a photo?
This is insulting to those of us who actually can repulse people by generating psychic energy pulses!
Now, that’s pretty neat. I'm not an educated ivy league Arthur. My writing first began after a tragic accident which left me feeling with deep resentment & anger for being cheated out of life. At times, it left me sad for not being as good as the others. However, for my persistent therapist who told me to pick up a pencil & write, write something new on this simple piece of paper. I didn't want to do it at first, but I did so anyway. And slowly, I wrote of how imperfect I am. With all of my chippings & jagged edges shown thru with the displays of my writing, filled with pain & emotion, combined with hallucination & imagination. Who knew what my therapist was doing? Was it a key slowly unlocking my mind which was filled with so many jig-saw-puzzles. And yet two years later, out of no-where, I was chased down by a group of crazed, wild eyed college kids/fans wanting to know what happens next in my fantasy novel, “LondenBerg by Lord Biron”. And after recovering, believe it or not, I had to tell a bunch of bookstores that I don’t want them to order a bunch of "LondenBerg by Lord Biron" books because I don't want to be famous. Now that’s a first. Wait a second, you got to be kidding me. I better grab my coffee, laptop & a taxi because here they come again!
Leo Lee
Stay stupid is the better.
Umm... farting also clears a crowd with less pain in hand
Stuff like this cool. Imagination is always welcomed.
They are jumping straight up in the air in pike position and then landing, that's evident from the lack of motion blur anywhere but the limbs and hair/head 
They are jumping forward and the pic is taken. Look at left girl's hair.
 I do this with my kids all the time. I didn't know it was a trend. o.O
Lol for real it's like that wow I need some of that 
Corey D
Man I don't get it I did this last year for fun with my boy just never put it on tw lol damn
The japs always know how to have fun.
I think the Japanes are loosing it seriously. Only a society with little growth, huge wealth and no excitement about the future will focus on these sorts of idiotic activities.  Does this sound familiar :(
BTW for the record i think Japanese girls are hotties
We just did one an were in america bitchs in california, check em out 
You don't need a 'power' +muhammad ilham ramadhan , all you need to do is squat in an awkward constipated position and ask your friends to react imagining you are homework. They will FLY away from you leaving you to the satisfaction of using your 'power'
No we really have that power, u just have to beieve!!!
Cool...they made a project together..they will remember the fun of making it
Wow having one person on the ground doing a pose while everyone else jumps at the same time then taking a pic. Whoop tee dooo! Cool
Better than pottering thats just fucking stupid!
Haha..we will never understand until we are there. Cool
So going to do this with my friends...
At least they do not take their guns n start shooting
It looks so cool. It looks like the girl actually hit the ground and sent the kids flying. How creative!
This is what Obama needs to do in the House irl. Jk
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