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Can you tell a cheater from someone faithful?
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Which is how the 3 most 'successful' guys I know in terms of the fairer sex all cheat habitually and without a hint of remorse...
Men are always bad at lying and hiding. Women are specialists in this subject.
Well.. the article makes a great headline, but is pretty misleading.  From the abstract for the referenced paper:

"Women's ratings of men's unfaithfulness showed small–moderate correlations with men's"  

Small to moderate is not exactly cheater determining super powers.  It also uses masculinity as a queue they pick up on, so there is likely a cultural connection for them.  IE men who present themselves as more "manly" for western culture may be more likely to see promiscuity as permissible.  I'm gonna call it the Don Draper Effect.  :)
JW: [improper use of the word "two" - last paragraph]

Sounds like a sensational bit of research. First off, the source data is suspect. A set of images of "admitted" cheaters? How many women didn't admit to cheating? How many men boasted of cheating when the did not? That in itself has polluted the second set of data obtained. And the image set is too small. 100 images? Humans are perfectly tuned to interpret facial features - try 1000 of each and then we'll see.

Secondly, where's the control set? Do another secondary data acquisition where none of the image players are cheaters. And one where they're all cheaters. Then let's see the results from those groups. 

This shows that creating a causal relationship between a theoretical ability to a wished for result is a dangerous proposition. 
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