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Do you agree with him? Or is there anything better we can do to make our kids healthier?
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Food like products and misinformation combine with a desire for the cheapest and most 'convenient' foods to create dietary disasters.  Most people do not realise how easy it is to make tasty healthy  food. Quality ingredients, simply prepared, and eaten in moderation is all we need.
Fully agree. We have a former greenpeace manager running a platform called " foodwatch" ( ) here in Germany. Its crazy what goes into our food and we are not informed about it, let alone somebody regulates it. At least foodwatch makes people aware of what is going on on their plates. In Germany we are getting into a situation that is very much like in t the US: too many fat people... Lets make a change.
I wrote a social psychology paper about misleading advertising... my prof told me that it wasn't a social issue. -_-
Pretty much all this crap needs to be illegal. We don't allow lead powder in pepper to bring the weight up why should we allow equally poisonous sugary crap to be sold with the intention of feeding it to kids. 
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