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and I kind of hate it...
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I have a lot of times when this seems like it would be useful - and times when keeping it the same works just as well. 

Maybe this is a prelude to opening up better messenger functionality (Google + Circles) which right now I think only can be accessed by mobile.
Looks good from what I can tell. What's weird?
In a way aren't we doing that now in Gmail with G+ messages? They aren't in chat (lower corner) but definitely have a unique position. If I had more colleagues using G+ I would prefer the "in line" ability to read comment with the unique G+ position in Gmail.
+Jennifer Van Grove oh...I see what u mean. I assumed it was only while composing emails...but I can see that being awkward. I need to see it in action now.
Yeah...after actually using it, I like it.
I hated it at first and have since decided I like it.

Takes a little getting used to and it's definitely uncomfortable learning a new UI.. especially one like gmail that we use often.
I hated it at first and hate it now. Also it's hard for my non-techie (i.e., elder) family members to learn.
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