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This is not your average Google+ update, but calling it like I see it: it's a lovely window-dressing with important implications for a social network that still lacks a unique purpose.
Channeling the of design aesthetic of today's hit mobile app makers, Google has released a bold, new version of its Google+ iPhone application that's a beauty to behold.
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Bill G
I guess it's all about who you circle. I can't possibly keep up with all the activity, engagement, and updates in my G+ world, mobile or desktop. I guess you either love it or hate it, depending on who you engage with.
+Jon Cilley I do have an iPhone. I played with the app and soaked it all in before writing the post. It really is beautiful and I enjoy how updates flow on to the screen. I would say that the experience is more emotional, except that, in least in my network, updates seem to be mostly news items and less personal photos.
+Jennifer Van Grove jeez... I'm sorry. I didn't even look at the authorship of the post. Great writeup. My apologies, I just committed a cardinal sin from a fellow blogger. :/

Not sure if I like the lack of personal posts. Can you still differentiate feeds off of circles? The thing I love about Google+ is the visibility for un-known commodities.
I wish they brought out a dedicated iPad app. iPhone app X2 is just not the same
+Jon Cilley no worries! OK so the stream is definitely the focal point. You can definitely get to/view Circles, but it's a little clunky and takes a few clicks.
+ashish makani let me ping Google about an iPad app. Considering how much they've invested in this touch experience, it would seem logical that one is in the works.
They're still making some odd UI choices. The poster's comment is prominent, as is the photo, but the link title is tiny and only one line- cut off most of the time. Prettier, but still needs work. 
+Jennifer Van Grove oh ok. I'm wondering what the hidden gems are for Android? Google has been notorious for pumping out the Google+ app updates to Android first, so the lack of a package update for both systems has me hoping for something really cool on +Android.
+Jennifer Van Grove thinks too :).Let me tag the g+ boss +Vic Gundotra & see if he responds :). Vic, when will we get the g+ ipad app ? Any ballpark estimate ?
</ wishful thinking>

Google i bet is keenly following the trend of proliferation of tablets ( = ipads) :)
Plus there is the rumor of a google manufactured/branded low cost nexus android tablet this summer/fall.

g+ cant really compete with fb, but if google is half serious about g+, an ipad app is a must IMHO.

I wrote the previous comment on an ipad & this from gmail on my laptop. Love the tight g+ integration in gmail & indeed all other goog services.
I like this but would love to see support for pages. I want to update my page via the app, not just my profile. 
Thanks +Jennifer Van Grove . Impressive sources :)
You should ask them about the rumored <200$(infact selling it below hw cost) pure google experience android nexus tablet, which supposedly will finally give the ipad a run for it's money.
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