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Jennifer Tacbas
Happy wife. Proud momma. Photographer. Brand & web designer. Publicist. Brain tumor escape artist. Wonder Woman of sorts. Eternal do-gooder.
Happy wife. Proud momma. Photographer. Brand & web designer. Publicist. Brain tumor escape artist. Wonder Woman of sorts. Eternal do-gooder.

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As the marketing assistant for +Lawrence Earle Johnson, it was my job to find the perfect images to go along with this post. I may not sleep tonight. I definitely will not be going back to the Denver International Airport! #yikes
WTF is going on at the Denver International Airport? A large demonic horse statue, murals depicting an abundance of death and a sword-wielding, gas-mask donning figure, gargoyles, swastikas, underground tunnels, and conspiracies galore. All hidden in plain sight. You have to read/see this to believe this. -->

#thingsarenotastheyappear #Denver #DIA #conspiracy #WTF

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Extra credit reading for my friends who LOVED +Lawrence Earle Johnson's acclaimed technothriller, DEATH SINE! #science #technology
Here is a little extra credit reading for those of you fascinated by the science and technology that played a main role in my book, DEATH SINE. Fascinating stuff and still highly relevant! 

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+Lawrence Earle Johnson is answering readers' questions about Clayton Wolfe, the clandestine agent and lead character from his novel, Death Sine. Great book & great insight! Cast your vote for who you think should play Wolfe in the movie! #behindthescenes #deathsine #author #q&a 
Something new is happening on the Lawrence Earle Johnson Facebook page: I'm sharing questions from readers and my answers! Today's topic is Clayton Wolfe, the clandestine agent and lead character from my novel, Death Sine. Check it out, and cast your vote for what actor should portray him in the movie!

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Incredibly honored to be working with +Monica Rojas to assist her with developing her brand, creating her new photojournalism website and launching her career! In the few weeks we have worked together, she has accomplished so much! This girl is on FIRE! Check out her beautiful, meaningful work through her gorgeous new website!

#creatives #newclientalert 
Proud to launch my new photojournalism website, featuring my work from Mexico, Sri Lanka, Nepal, the U.S. & more.

#photojournalism #photography

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So excited I get to be one of the FIRST to read QUANTUM FEAR, the sequel to +Lawrence Earle Johnson's acclaimed technothriller, Death Sine! #publicist #perks
The first draft of the sequel to Death Sine is complete! Today I'm sharing with you the plot to this next book, QUANTUM FEAR, and what's up next on my writing agenda. Click on the picture below to learn more!

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Disney fans will remember the Alien Encounter ride in Tomorrowland in Walt Disney World. But does anyone remember the horrifying documentary they released in 1995 - introduced by then CEO Michael Eisner and hosted by Robert Ulrich - about REAL alien encounters?! +Lawrence Earle Johnson shared the full-length lost footage. It's very disturbing. Was this all just to hype up the ride? There seems to be something else going on here. If this was released on TV in 2017, there is NO WAY this would fly with Disney families around the country. 
We all have seen Disney movies over the years through most of our childhood and adult lives. They are mostly positive, fun movies with clever cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Pluto, and so on. The general theme of Disney is wholesome and uplifting, and stresses a place where kids can have fun. In fact, Disney theme parks across the world, such as Disney World in Florida and Disneyland in California, are dubbed "The Happiest Place on Earth."

Back in 1995, I was watching TV and saw that a Disney documentary was coming on. I thought it might be a history of Disney or maybe plans for new Disney attractions or rides or movies. Something fun, positive, wholesome. Imagine my surprise -- and ultimately my dismay -- when Disney was advertising a new ride in Tomorrowland in which patrons would be conditioned on what to expect from an alien invasion...conditioned to FEAR. The clips of the kids on the ride when an “alien” escapes and attacks them while they’re strapped in their chairs, did not show kids having fun. It showed kids screaming in horror, terrorized by things trying to touch them, breathing on their necks, making noises out of sight. I thought, what the heck’s going on?

Those were just the commercials! Worse, the subject of the documentary was UFOs that were alien vehicles. These aliens were small, grey skinned beings with huge heads and very large eyes, who communicated telepathically. Other aliens were described as reptilian, or praying mantis type creatures. Actual victims of abductions -- three women and a man -- were interviewed by Bud Hopkins and told of horrible forced abductions by these alien creatures, whom they couldn’t resist. Medical procedures were performed on them, blood was taken, bones were drilled into, and skin samples were taken, along with other invasive procedures. One woman described seeing her little daughter being led away by two grey aliens to have some unknown procedure performed on her and was horrified that she could do nothing to stop them.

Now you may believe in this sort of thing, or you may not. I have investigated such things for years, and I have my own opinions. But it doesn’t matter what we believe regarding these things. What I found most disturbing was that it was DISNEY that was presenting this. What a contradiction in messages! It was a message of FEAR. People in the documentary were killed in some encounters with these beings. Actor Robert Urich, spokesman for the movie, even said words to the effect that we will go to space in vehicles of alien design, and that all of this stuff is real. Are they saying that we are working on technology with these creatures?

You can watch the whole documentary here --> It's about 45-minutes in length. Once you start watching, you may not be able to stop. The most disturbing part begins at 27:35 and goes for about 10 minutes to 37:29. It's very important to watch this whole segment. Really, you probably won't be able to look away.

Why would Disney do this? Was it just to get kids to go on their new ride? If so, do you think they succeeded? Or was there another reason, a more sinister one? Or was it all in just plain fun?

I leave it for you to watch and evaluate. To weigh the facts. What do you think? Am I over-reacting? Would you want your children watching this? Or a young sister or brother? Please let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you!

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Are crop circles seriously still a thing? Author +Lawrence Earle Johnson says yes...and they're not what you may think. Hmm... 
Are crop circles even a "thing" anymore? Why, yes...yes, there are...and they are popping up all over the world! You may think you know the "truth" about crop circles. But I urge you to check out this post before you write it off. I give you interesting insight as to what researchers have said about the creation process and share a peculiar video you will want to see! Then tell me in a comment if you think crop circles are an elaborate hoax...or possibly something else. I look forward to hearing your thoughts! #thingsarenotastheyappear

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Hey, Traverse City/Elk Rapids, MI friends!
Love wine and a good book? Then meet me at Cellar 152 Wine & Gourmet Market in Elk Rapids, Michigan on September 17th from 3-5pm!

Hosted by the Elk Rapids District Library, this intimate event at swanky Cellar 152 will be a wonderful evening of good company, good conversation and good wine!

I will be discussing how a real and highly-controversial government project of the 1960's inspired me to write my acclaimed technothriller, Death Sine. An open-forum Q&A will follow where you can ask me anything. Hardcover and paperback copies of Death Sine will be available for purchase before and after the event, and I would love to sign your copy!

Put the date and time on your calendar! A few weeks before the event, I will post a reminder on Facebook. I look forward to seeing you there!
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So proud of my client and friend, +Lawrence Earle Johnson, for all the 5-star reviews and accolades he is receiving on his technothriller, Death Sine. Have YOU read it yet??? (Psst...the eBook is on big-time sale for only $3.99 on Amazon! Grab it now!)
THANK YOU to Dali Mama for the glowing review of Death Sine on Amazon! So glad you loved the book!

Have YOU read it yet? Death Sine is inspired by a REAL and highly-controversial government project of the 1960's involving Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) waves. In the novel, the technology falls into the wrong hands and a slew of mysterious deaths begin to take place in a small town. An unlikely bunch joins forces and attempts to solve the mystery while trying to avoid becoming the next victims.

If you like a fast-paced technothriller without the gore, Death Sine is right up your alley! Head over to Amazon, where Death Sine is available in 4 formats: hardcover, paperback, eBook ($3.99!) and the self-narrated audiobook! Shop Now -->

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Okay, fellow space nerds... I learned about the dwarf planet, Ceres, which has mysterious bright lights coming from some of the craters! I loved this post for the photos and the VERY COOL animated movie created by NASA that simulates what one would see if they would fly over Ceres. Space is so darn cool! Check it out!

#space #science #NASA #Ceres
NEW on the blog! Somewhere between Mars and Jupiter is a dwarf planet called Ceres. Although, it mostly appears to be a relatively smooth, boring hunk of rock, there are some pretty amazing discoveries about Ceres, such as, oh...bright lighted spots that shine so brightly, the area could be mistaken for the city of Las Vegas as seen from space! (No, seriously...I'll show you a comparison picture!)

Read the blog post for more facts straight from NASA, tons of delicious photos and one heck of an animated movie created by NASA simulating what one might see if he were to fly over Ceres. ENJOY! As always, I look forward to hearing your thoughts! Read on -->

#space #NASA #science #thingsarenotastheyappear
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