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Jennifer Scheffer
Make IT Happen: Innovation & Technology in the Classroom
Make IT Happen: Innovation & Technology in the Classroom

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Hi Everyone! I'm wondering if anyone has lesson plans they would be willing to share using the Sphero device? Looking for lessons aligned to math, science, and engineering standards for grades 3-5. Thank you in advance!

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Just updated the MA Summit Schedule ~ I cannot believe how much is being packed in for Google PD in just three days! Google Educator Level 1 Bootcamp, AppEvents Admin Certification, PreSummit for Beginners, Maker and scaffolding Classroom options. There is a TON to choose and not just app training, pedagogy focused workshops. Please share and advertise to your local schools and list servs. Looking forward to seeing many friends there as well! :) +Rachel Small +Jennifer Scheffer +Dan Taylor +Natalie Branch +Mike McEachern 

Does anyone know if Google Space is available for GAFE schools? We are on rapid release but Spaces is still not available in our Admin Console. Thanks in advance!

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Attention MA GEG members: are you looking for summer #GAFE  presentation opportunities? Consider submitting a proposal to present at the Central Massachusetts Google for Education Summit by +AppsEvents  on August 2 & 3. Presenting at a GAFE Summit is a great way to build your GAFE resume if you are interested in applying to become a Certified Trainer. It's also an excellent way to maintain your trainer status (remember you must complete a minimum of 12 training sessions per year!). The proposal form is located here:

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My latest post on the BHS Help Desk blog features a tutorial on how to use Google Takeout. This is especially useful for seniors who are graduating and want to take their Google data with them. Feel free to share this video tutorial and written instructions with your students!

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Latest post featuring how to create playlists and manage settings in YouTube

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Step by step tutorial on using Google Slides Q & A (video embedded at end of post).

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Inside the Google Innovator Academy-Days 2 & 3 #GAFE #GoogleEI #edtech #MTV16

It’s been close to two months since I returned from the Google Innovator Academy in Mountain View and published my first post about my Day 1 experience. I’ve been busy preparing for the second annual TEDxYouth@BHS event, however I wanted to highlight the…

Hi everyone! I'm looking for recommendations on a digital portfolio all for iPad. Blogger is not being updated and we are trying to be proactive in case our students need to switch to a different platform. We have heard of Seesaw and we're are wondering if anyone has experience with this app or recommends something different. Thank you in advance!

Does anyone know if Blogger is being discontinued? It is no longer available for iPad and we are curious if Google plans to discontinue Blogger all together. We have MANY teachers in our district with Blogger blogs to connect with parents and we are trying to be proactive in case it becomes unavailable. +Ziggy Dziegman do you know anything about this or know someone who may have an answer? We want to prepare our teachers if they need to move to a different blogging platform. Thank you in advance for any information you could share! 
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