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Japanese paradise flycatcher feeding its baby
The Japanese paradise flycatcher is similar in appearance to the Asian paradise flycatcher but slightly smaller. Mature males have a black hood with a purplish-blue gloss which shades into blackish-grey on the chest. The underparts are off-white to white.

The mantle, back, wings and rump are plain dark chestnut. The tail has extremely long black central feathers, which are shorter in immature males. Unlike the Asian paradise flycatcher there is no white morph. The female resembles the male but is duller and darker brown on the chestnut areas. It has black legs and feet, a large black eye with a blue eye-ring, and a short blue bill.

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Photo credit: Clarke Nobby

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That menu bar. You're killing me +Google+

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It's #Caturday. Show cats your love!
I just entered the Cats & Bros. contest for the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies...

Please pass along and please vote...
More importantly, please donate.

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We've found some gems in the local paper over the past several years.
Our local rag does it again...

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For the Google Glass folks!
I've just launched my Kickstarter campaign for a Google Glass Cable.

The problem I see with Glass right now is that the battery life isn't what is should be. I'm designing a cable that will be unobtrusive while plugged into your Glass and an external battery pack. I'm hoping that by offering this cable, more people will be able to use their Glass for longer periods of time allowing them to do even cooler stuff with it.

Take a look and please support me by contributing to my campaign or by resharing it.


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Mama Deer had already crossed the road and faun was stuck on the other side...
We helped a baby deer across the road.

Just signed the permission form for +Telus to install fibre optic cable to our home. I hope it comes with a decent internet package offer. We will see!

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What to do When Facing YAMMM (Yet Another Mostly Male Meeting)
Earlier this month, University Of California (Davis) Professor of Evolutionary Biology, +Jonathan Eisen, was scheduled to speak at a meeting on Metagenomics in the Era of Big Data. Then he found himself in a bit of a pickle - or more to the point, a YAMMM: yet another mostly male meeting where male speakers outnumbered women 21:6. He considered his options. In the past, he has submitted a conference abstract in protest, A quantitative analysis of gender bias in quantitative biology meetings ( He has also written to organisers and publicly called them out on their gender exclusion ( This time, he considered not going, but then came up with a clever YAMMM tact.

Jonathan changed his talk "to feature the work of women and to highlight those women." A summary of Jonathan's simple but thoughtful strategy are described in our graphic below. Jonathan's blog details how he changed examples within his talk to showcase women's contribution in the field. You can also listen to Jonathan's talk or read his slides - it's a truly fascinating talk! ( 

More recently, Jonathan has been featured in the The Story Exchange, where he talks about how to welcome women at conferences. He says:
"Studies have shown that the probability of having a woman speaker at a conference is correlated to the fraction of conference organizers that are women. We should try to get women to be organizers — it helps one’s career, and it spreads diversity.  I mean, do we really want our conferences to be just a few famous men presenting? Is that really going to help science and society? When I organize a conference, I try to have a balance — not just in gender, but also people from different countries and different types of institutions, who are in different stages of their careers. We’ll have undergraduates and post-doctorates, not just Nobel Prize winners." (

The usual excuses for YAMMM are that men outnumber women in STEM fields, but this is not always the case. Regardless, organisers have full power to address speaker discrepancy with some planning and forethought about how to include women speakers and participants. Inclusion is not just about getting women to speak but also to fully participate in other ways, such as by not having to worry about childcare. Jonathan spoke at length about gender equality at conferences with us during a HOA. Read more on our blog (

Are you tired of YAMMMing? How have you addressed YAMMM in your field? What other approaches can we use collectively in STEM to more effectively tackle YAMMM?

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Hoping our friends and family out east are safe. #icestorm
All we have here is brrrrrrr cold.
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