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There's still time to get your questions in for next week's #writing   #podcast  with +Princess Jones. We're answering personal questions in this episode on writers sharing personal info publicly (and when it crosses the line from community-building to risky behavior). You can see existing questions we received here. Ask your own by noon eastern on Sunday if you'd like us to tackle them during the show.
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Jason Falls on Influencer Campaigns & Value Propositions

In this +Muck Rack post where #PR  and #socialmedia  pros shared pet peeves with journalists and other influencers (and vice versa), +Jason Falls shares his experience with an +Instagram pricing "diva."

If you're involved in online PR or #internetmarketing  and handle paid placements for your company or clients, have you ever run into something like this? How do you determine which "influencers" will provide the most value for your campaign?
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Jennifer Mattern

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An open letter to readers and #bloggers  about trust & "experts" -- be forewarned, this is a long one, there's a political bent at times, and I'm more than a little foul-mouthed.

#politics   #brexit   #writing   #explicit  
Bloggers. Readers. Friends. We need to talk. Do you know what I love about All Indie Writers readers, including you? You're out there carving your own path, pursuing the career and lifestyle you want without feeling constrained by someone else's notion of the kind of "job" you should have. You get up every day, and you don't simply write. You …
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Jennifer Mattern

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PR Pros vs Journalists: Pet Peeve Show Down

Check out my recent contribution to Muck Rack where I share horror stories and pet peeves from journalists and PR professionals (about working with "the other side").
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Jennifer Mattern

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Today my baby sister is recording a podcast with me. She's the one I go to first when I need to bounce story ideas off someone. The episode will let listeners hear us brainstorm and flesh out murder mystery & horror story ideas in real-time. Pretty excited about this one.

If you'd like to propose a prompt of some kind for us to tackle, email me in the next few hours at Not sure how many we'll have time for, but happy to squeeze in an interesting idea or two.

If you'd like a better idea of how these conversations w/ my sis tend to go, here's some background on a horror screenplay she influenced after one of our odd little chats.
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Jennifer Mattern

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Ask us anything

Tomorrow +Princess Jones and I are recording a podcast for next week on the topic of sharing personal information on blogs & social media to connect with readers (and when it crosses a line into oversharing).

In the episode, we'll be answering questions from listeners and our social networks. So if you've ever wanted to know something about either of us, now's your time to ask!

We're not looking for business or writing-related questions for this one. It's about letting you get to know us a bit better as people. So ask away!

No questions are off-limit, and we're both fairly open, so feel free to push a bit. See if you can find where our lines are. If you ask something that would require us to cross a line, we'll simply not answer that one, and instead we'll explain why that crosses a line for us (and that line may very well be in a different place for each of us, so you never know what you'll get!).

You can post questions here or email them to me at We're recording at 3pm eastern on Thursday, so questions have to be received by then to be considered.

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Content Marketing & Using Your Powers for Good

Great post by +Kathryn Aragon on the destructive side of #contentmarketing  which can erode trust in the name of encouraging instant gratification.

This is a follow-up to my recent rant on trust, pseudo-experts in #blogging , and reader responsibility which you can read or listen to here [explicit]:
A rant about content marketing, trust, and tactics. Let's get realistic about expectations from content, and let's use our powers for good.
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In this post for +Muck Rack where #journalists  and #PR  pros share their pet peeves with each other, +Lori Widmer tackles the issue of sources wanting to review copy before publication.

Have you ever had an interview source demand to review an article? How did you handle it?
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When Muck Rack asked me to weigh in on pet peeves of journalists vs PR pros, having worked on both sides of the fence, I reached out to 8 colleagues for their take (4 on each side).

+Kristi Hines shared a great example of a terrible PR pitch she received as a #blogger . It goes beyond poor targeting. It goes beyond even poor proofreading. This marketer or PR rep didn't seem to take so much as a second glance before contacting Kristi.

As a blogger, what's the worst pitch you've ever received?
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Jennifer Mattern

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If you missed any of the Writers Worth Month posts featured by +Lori Widmer this May, here's the full roundup. Line up some weekend reading! #writing  
Every May, Lori Widmer runs Writers Worth Month over on the Words on the Page blog. She features a collection of guest posts, profiles of experienced freelance writers, and her own tips and insight into realizing our worth (and getting paid what we're worth) as freelance professionals. Each year I take part in this month-long event. This year I submitted a guest …
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Jennifer Mattern

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Choose My Next Writing Challenge

While having coffee with +LoriWidmer yesterday, I mentioned I was thinking about letting my readers choose my next big #writing   challenge or experiment.

I'm not sure if I'm a total glutton for punishment or if I just trust you guys and gals an awful lot, but I decided I'm going to run with this idea.

So here's the deal:

I want you to submit #challenge  or experiment ideas here in the comments or via email to I'll narrow it down and put up a survey next week.

What kinds of things am I looking for? Here are some ideas to get you started:

- A certain word count goal for the month
- Drafting a novel or nonfiction book in a certain amount of time
- An experiment related to running or launching a blog
- Writing a certain number of blog posts in a set amount of time

You can get creative with it. And these can be big -- think anywhere from a week to a few months. Just keep it in line with the kind of work I actually do (for example, writing a poetry collection probably won't make the short list).

You can be as tough on me as you want. I don't shy away from a challenge.

My only real "rule" is other #writers  should be able to learn something from my experience -- whether I succeed or fail. Depending on the nature of the challenge, I'll either share progress reports as I go or publish a write-up at the end.

So if you want to know if something can realistically be done, and you want someone to test that for you, propose the challenge. Or if you just want to see if you can push me to my limits for sh*ts and giggles, but me documenting the process would still help other writers, I'm cool with that too.

So let me have it! What writing challenge would you like to see me take on next?
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Jennifer Mattern

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Here are 3-4 easy online resources when you need to research story settings for your #writing  
Maybe you want to set a story in an exotic location you've never visited. Or perhaps you're creating an entirely fictional setting for your book. How are you supposed to describe real (or just realistic) locations if you can't show up, meet some locals, and check out similar areas for yourself? Whether you realize it or not, story setting inspiration is right …
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